Admire My Warty Gourd

One of the things we and our visitors did this weekend was pick up pumpkins for ourselves and our kids. They got pumpkins. I found this magnificent gourd and decided to call it mine. It is… wartlicious.

Are you enjoying decorative gourd season?

23 Comments on “Admire My Warty Gourd”

  1. Looks like someone decided to do a mashup of Cronenberg’s The Fly and Veggietales.

  2. Since I don’t think you’d fit in there, I can honestly say you’re out of your gourd. :D

  3. Have you ever seen bitter melon? It’s something that people actually eat, and it looks like a tumor stricken cucumber.

    Unsurprisingly they are quite bitter.

  4. So what’s with all these warty gourds?

    You photograped it so that it looks like it touches the ceiling.That was deliberate,I suppose.

  5. That gourd looks like it has a horrible, disfiguring skin disease. Better hope it’s not transferrable to people.

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