Admire My Warty Gourd

One of the things we and our visitors did this weekend was pick up pumpkins for ourselves and our kids. They got pumpkins. I found this magnificent gourd and decided to call it mine. It is… wartlicious.

Are you enjoying decorative gourd season?

23 Comments on “Admire My Warty Gourd”

  1. That should be the basis for a new alien species. ME LIKES!

  2. Huehueteotl – Austintatious, Tejas – I'm an elderly tech analyst, living in Texas but not of it, a cantankerous and venerable curmudgeon. I'm yer SOB flaming-liberal grandpa who has NO time for snot-nosed, bad-mannered libertarian twerps. At one time or another, I’ve been a bureaucrat, bassist, writer, photographer, bus driver, usher, drummer, secretary, disc jockey, book scout, cemetery researcher, roadie, book dealer, yard-saler ... and I’ve probably forgotten a few things more. I have an atavistic fondness for old technologies, including clocks you have to wind yourself, steam trains, typewriters, and Aladdin kerosene lamps.

    At first I thought this was a chianti bottle that some wizard had burned a couple of dozen Dribbly Candles™ in.

  3. aztraph – Indiana – I fix, hack, build, bake, write, play, math. If i can't fix it, it pretty much can't be fixed. There are two mathematical impossibilities in the physical universe, zero and infinity. debates welcome.

    you smooth talker you

  4. “Warty Gourd” is the name of my next band. Coming to a state fair near you.

  5. So what’s with all these warty gourds?

    You photograped it so that it looks like it touches the ceiling.That was deliberate,I suppose.

  6. That gourd looks like it has a horrible, disfiguring skin disease. Better hope it’s not transferrable to people.

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