New Book and ARCs, 10/11/17

If you don’t mind me saying so, I think we have a particularly tasty stack of new books and ARCs this week. What here is calling to you? Tell us in the comments!

30 Comments on “New Book and ARCs, 10/11/17”

  1. A Plague of Giants! It’s not even out yet but it’s already on my library request list.

  2. Is the Tangled lands by Bacigalupi *and* Buckell? That could be amazing. (Also another Miriam Black book is probably awesome.)

  3. It Devours…. at Tourniquet, the chic new dining place that “modernizes classical French cooking with a mix of molecular gastronomy and human remains.”

  4. The new Chuck Wendig, Miriam Black novel. And “It Devours!” I would pick up just based on the title. I remember walking into a newsstand many years ago, and seeing a paperback titled “Practical Demonkeeping”. Changed my life!

  5. Always up for some James Rollins and Sigma Force. Pre ordered Plague of Giants looking forward to it.

  6. I never thought I’d cheer for Impostor Syndrome, but when it’s another Mishell Baker book then cheer I must.

    I love well-turned phrases and Borderline (the first book in the Arcadia Project series) was almost too rich. I kept sharing them with my wife until she got overwhelmed and told me to shut up. Really sparkling writing mixed with new takes on urban fantasy and the movie business. What’s not to like?

    Pre-ordered Impostor Syndrome. Not that I didn’t already have a lifetime supply.

  7. The Doppler Effect and Other Stories. Allen Steele tells great stories. I can’t wait to read the ones in this collection.

  8. Imposter Syndrome is out!?!?!?! Excuse me, my day is now full. No other book has made me keep a camera beside my bed to literally take photos of certain segments.

  9. As pissed as I still am about the end to the last Provost’s Dog book, I’ll read anything Tamora Pierce writes. She’s amazing.

  10. Me: No, it’s a Pride and Prejudice pastiche with Frankenstein, or a Modern Prometheus. Sigh.

    I liked the idea of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, though the movie was kind of meh. But it’s just…do they have to blend it with EVERYTHING? What’s next, Sneetches and Prejudice? Pride of Lions, Witches, and Wardrobes? The Lord of Pride and Prejudice? Pride vs. Predator?

    When they do Sharknado and Prejudice, I’m OUT.

  11. My “Ooh, Shiny!” moment has more to do with conlangs and typographic design elements. (Oh, geek alert, if you hadn’t guessed from that remark.)

    Somehow, putting “the” on its side attached to nouns like Dog and Wren just seems like a cool idea.

    I am easily amused and impressed today, it seems. :P

    I have a backlog of SF&F book titles to read, thanks to this blog and CJ Cherryh and Ann Leckie having books out or about to come out, plus I have a couple of books and a Spanish textbook I should be studying, I’d promised myself. But I have no doubt there will be more books or audiobooks pushed onto the stack/heap. Really, at this point, it’s more like a pile, physical or virtual.

    OK, back to scribbling….

  12. Well, I’m looking forward to reading It Devours – and I’ve already read the book right above it, as I was one of the four main authors of it….

  13. @ccreich – it’s actually a book about the Tortall Universe, from the viewpoint of its spy service. It was co-written by Tamora Pierce, Julie Holderman, Megan Messenger, and me, with contributions from what LOCUS calls “Divers Hands”.

  14. It Devours is definitely on my reading list! If it weren’t, the Sheriff’s Secret Police would be knocking on my door right now.

  15. I am slowly perishing of jealousy at your advance copy of The Merry Spinster. We mere mortals have to wait until March. *March,* I tell you!

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