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Naming a Thing

A couple weeks on, a brief follow-up to this piece, in which I noted how much 2017 was messing with my word count. It turns out it was really useful for me to write that piece. Not necessarily because I’ve increased my writing speed since then — I’m still slogging away at a slower pace […]

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“Don’t Live For Your Obituary” Review in Publishers Weekly + Subterranean Press eBook Direct Ordering

The first review of Don’t Live For Your Obituary is out and it’s a good one! The full review is here, but the pull quote is thus: “[Scalzi] writes accessibly and so commonsensically that this book should appeal to writers in all disciplines.” Yes! Yes it should! Remember that Obituary will be out in December (i.e., […]

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My Annual Unsolicited Endorsement of WordPress, 2017 Edition

So, nine years ago this week, I switched the Whatever blog over to the WordPress VIP service, after months of access difficulties with both previous blogging software and previous providers. And in the nine years since switching over to WP VIP, the amount of time the site’s been down can be counted in minutes, and […]

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The Big Idea: David Siegel Bernstein

The phrase “science fiction” has two relevant parts to it. In Blockbuster Science, author David Siegel Bernstein delves into the science of the fiction, and separates out the fantasy of the genre from the fact. Here he is to tell you process of his exploration. DAVID SIEGEL BERNSTEIN: Science fiction is driven by fear or […]

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