The Dispatcher eBook 99 Cents on Amazon Today Only (10/19/17)

The headline says it all: The Dispatcher is an Amazon Deal of the Day, so you can get it for under a buck on the Kindle. What a deal! But it’s only for the day (October 19, 2017), and it’s for the US and Canada. I’m not sure if the price applies on other retailers today, so you’d have to check it out for yourself. Regardless, if you’ve not picked up this novella yet, today is a good day to do so. Enjoy!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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They are also offering the audiobook read by Zachary Quinto for an additional $1.99. I felt outrage on your behalf for the lowball pricing of your work as I was purchasing both.

As someone who doesn’t have a Kindle, but I have several epub readers, I find it rather annoying when publishers (especially the Agency 5, who set the prices on all their ebooks, although in this case, I know it’s Subterranean Press) put their ebooks for sale only at Amazon. Can you elaborate why your ebook is only on sale at Amazon?

I did buy it yesterday, even before I caught up with your posts today, even though I had the audio version which I ‘bought’ for free.
I absolutely enjoyed Zachary Quinto’s reading, but I am another who lacks auditory comprehension, so I won’t mind seeing whatever I missed.
Definitely apologizing for my innate miserliness. If I had lots more money, I’d happily throw more at you. And I’m happy you joke about us taking advantage of deals to get your stuff.

Since folks are apologizing for hopping on the sale, I’m curious: do royalties from these sale prices differ from your regular-sales royalties? I can imagine several scenarios:
1) a sale’s a sale, and they all generate royalties equally;
2) royalties are determined at X% of the sale price, so they’re proportionally smaller for a discount sale;
3) special sales like these are not subject to royalties at all;
4) some other arcane reckoning that takes an accounting degree to understand.
And the scenario I consider most likely:
5) I don’t talk about the specifics of my royalties, but thanks for commenting.

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