Back From California

As you know if you follow me here or on other social media, I’ve lately been in the great state of California. What was I doing there? Well, in no particular order, going to and being a photographer for my niece’s wedding, seeing family and friends, having business meetings and going to my 30th(!) high school reunion. Not all at once, mind you. Mostly one after the other.

It was both an enjoyable and productive trip, but now I’m home and glad to be here and seeing my pets and sleeping in my own bed. I’ve also got about two weeks of mail to sift through. One thing I did open up immediately, however: The box from Tor that contained my author copies of the Old Man’s War mini-hardcover. Folks, it looks great, inside and out. I’m super pleased with this edition and would recommend it highly even if I wasn’t the author. If you’ve been looking for a print edition, this is the one to get.

In any event: I’m back in Ohio! And it’s nice to be home.

16 Comments on “Back From California”

  1. Definitely getting it if reaches my end of the world. Listened to it twice, along with the others in the series, but need hard copies.

  2. @nikittariber:

    From the photo, you can see that the book is approximately twice as long as a cat’s head.

    If you want more precision, you could always see what google has to say for “size of mini-hardcover book old man’s war”.

  3. nikittariber, the amazon page shows dimensions as 4.4″ x 1″ x 7.3″, 416 pages. that’s about 1/4″ taller and wider than my closest stack of paperbacks.Personally, I bet it is thicker than 1′, or they’ve used really thin paper. the hardcovers I’ve got close by seem to be running about 6.5 by 9.

  4. Thanks for the picture. The one in traditional size is the exact same version as the one I have a copy of, so that’s gives me a good idea of it. Cute size. More practical to carry with you, I’d imagine.

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