Lots and Lots of Photos From My High School Reunion

Krissy and my pal Clay Pierce ’86.

Last weekend I was on the campus of my high school for my 30th reunion with other members of the class of 1987 (as well as all the other classes ending in a “7” or “2” and indeed any other alumni that choose to show up). It was a delightful time — I went to a small private boarding school (this one), so I knew everyone in my class and everyone knew me and we mostly liked each other and our affection has maintained and in some cases increased over the years.

Me being me, I also took hundreds of pictures and selected about 100 of them for four albums documenting the day. Would you like to see them, even though you (probably) didn’t go to my high school? Sure you would! Here they are on Flickr:

’87 Portraits: Saturday Afternoon — Classmates touring the campus and at the alumni lunch.

’87 Portraits: Awards and Evening — Classmates showing up for two of our own winning school alumni awards, and then pictures from the alumni dinner.

Webb Portraits: Spouses, staff and other classes — folks who did not graduate in ’87 but are pretty cool anyway.

Webb Scenery — Pictures from around campus.


And for those of you too lazy to click, a quick selection of photos:

6 Comments on “Lots and Lots of Photos From My High School Reunion”

  1. That is a really charming picture of Clay. It was surprising to see him pop up in my inbox, but very lovely.

  2. “Uncle Dave gives everyone the Uncle Dave look of Skepticism” – too perfect!

    Great pictures, John. Looking forward to my 30th there in a couple years.