RIP, Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse

The last time I chatted with my friend Stephen Toulouse, he was cheerfully trolling me on Twitter about the AC/DC song “Thunderstruck,” which he enjoyed rather more than I did, followed by a quick DM to let me know he was just having fun, which of course I knew. I was having fun with him too.

I’m so happy my final words with him were of friendship, and fun, and silliness, and of kindness to each other.

Farewell, Stepto, my dear friend.


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  1. I had the honor and pleasure of being his admirer, friend, and for a while – boss.

    I’ll never get to say so many damn things. Even just to say thanks one more time.

    Thanks for all the things, sir.

  2. I knew him when he began working with MSRC. Integrity is the single best word that describes him.

  3. I’m completely heartbroken. I’ll treasure the times we got to be together, far too few, and the many email and Twitter and FB conversations we had over the years, still not enough. Never enough. But I did get to see him last May, and now I’m so glad that I made the effort.

    This is a tough one, a really tough one.

  4. I use to listen to him on Major Nelson’s podcast. Then, I got to see him a few times around at different conventions. He was a great guy and will be missed. :(

  5. When I read he’d passed the Thunderstruck trolling was the first thing I thought of (and then thought of him at Woodstock Austin from 2010). This one is a kick in the gut. G’dam it, Stepto, we’re gonna miss you.

    10/23/17, 4:04pm


    If I ever die (again) suddenly it was @scalzi because he was….wait for it. Wait….wait. THUNDERSTUCK

  6. Never knew him, but hear such nice things. My condolences to you and all who loved him.

  7. Damn, this really sucks. I followed Stepto on twitter because I enjoyed his interactions with you and Wil Wheaton. His stream of him trying out Star Wars VR was so great. My condolences.

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