New Books and ARCs 10/27/17 + a Mildly Annoyed Twitter Thread

Thread first, followed by the new books/ARCs in the last tweet.

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  1. For further elucidation:

    I don’t ever request the books that are sent to me. Publishers send them to me unsolicited, in the hopes that I will consider them for Big Idea posts and/or promote them in some way. My way: Posting the books in stacks. I put the pictures up here on Whatever and on my Twitter feed, where between them potentially 150,000 or more people, most book readers, will see the titles. It’s very cheap advertising for publishers, which is why I suspect I get sent books.

    Which publishers send me books? The ones who want to. Which books do they send? The ones they want to. And pretty much whatever comes in I’ll put into the stack (minus theoretically the stuff that is obvious hate crap, although to date I’ve not been sent that, which is wise on the part of those publishers). I don’t go out of my way to ask for books and never have. They just… show up. If they keep coming, I’ll keep posting pictures of the stacks. If they ever stop, then I’ll stop.

    Note that I’m deeply unlikely ever to solicit books of any sort. That takes time and effort, and I’m not posting pictures of these stacks for any personal gain. I just do it to do it. Likewise the Big Idea pieces are not a business proposition for me either; I just like helping authors promote books, and the Big Idea pieces are one of the easiest ways to do that (as opposed to interviews/reviews, which takes time I don’t usually have, especially writing books of my own).

    However, I encourage you to encourage publishers to send me books, by all sorts of authors. I like promoting authors and their works, and I’m happy to promote diversity in publishing. But my time and ability on these matters is limited, honest.

  2. Since I always assumed the stacks were random and stacked by stability (least likely to fall over before the photo’s taken) I was startled by the reaction on Twitter.

    Some people don’t have enough to do, maybe. If they are *looking* for something to do, I have fallen leaves they could rake.

  3. That’s a cool looking pile of books. Almost makes me want to get into writing for the free books. :)

  4. I always find Alan Dean Foster’s books to be solid. I almost never find them to be amazing but I consider him a reliable writer (which considering his output is pretty impressive.)

  5. We here at Green Man Review also get books — galleys, e-arcs and finished versions depending on the publisher. Of the ones shown above, only four overlap with the roughly same number that came in over this work week. Some weeks we get stuff I really think should be reviewed, other weeks that’s much less true.

    It’s a lot of work to get the review copies we want and Our Gracious Host isn’t in the reviewing business as instead he writes book we want to read. I’d much rather have him doing that.

    His no commentary, just a stack of books and your reactions to them are one of my must reads every time he does one.

  6. I always just find myself jealous of the stacks you get and where I would start if I was in that situation. But I guess all of the problems in the world have been solved and all Twitterbaters have left to do is complain about a picture of a stack of books. Maybe if the books in the picture were on fire they would be happier.

  7. While looking around for that John Crowley novel, I ended up buying a novel I didn’t know I should have read more than 30 years ago, so there’s that.

  8. Robots vs Fairies. Now THAT sounds intriguing. I’ve often wondered where all these books go once you have them. You get so many! You must have a room devoted to them or something. :)

  9. The only thing I’ve been looking for in your last few stacks is Pulp by Christopher Moore. I’ve seen on other twitter feeds that the ARCs for that went out recently and have been waiting to post something snarky begging for the copy you (might) get. For some reason I don’t want to wait until April for that particular read…;)

  10. I like to see this kind of entries in your blog. It’s hard to keep track of every book being published, so this a good way to find new books/authors.

  11. I don’t think I’ve noticed a post regarding what happens to your stacks after their day in the limelight. Do you read them all? Do they have to go back to the publishers? Donations to your local library? Maybe your dog builds a fort with them? Something else nefarious that I haven’t thought of?

  12. I approve of publishers sending books for your stacks. I have bought several books that I first saw this way, and have others lined up as possibles.

  13. Lives so unfulfilled they have to complain about the pile of books you randomly get sent ?
    That’s got to be some kind of new low

  14. I’m always surprised that more publishers don’t send you stuff. It is damn cheap for a targeted internet ad with as many eyeballs that will see it.

  15. Robots vs Fairies looks like a must read, if only to see who wins. I have the Alan Dean Foster on order at my library.

  16. I always look forward to these stacks and the people who comment on certain authors and series. I have found many new authors and books for my personal bedside table reading stack. I might have to reinforce the table legs or install side rails at this point to hold them all at this point. I think it is a great way to get these books out and let your audience have a say in the material. Thanks for doing this John.

  17. Wait, people are whining because they don’t like the titles of books they see people sending you?

    I used to think the disconnect I feel from the rest of humanity was a *fault*.

  18. I rather desperately want City of Brass to be good, so I hope those Goodreads folks know what they’re talking about.

  19. Cripes, people will complain about anything. I love the ARC stacks; I’ve found several books that I otherwise might not have. I don’t care what genre you’re displaying or which authors. I look them up and decide for myself if I’m interested. But it does work; if I’m buying some of those books, a lot of other people are, too.

  20. Cthulhu, people just like to *bitch about stuff, don’t they? =shakes head= 00manz, what can you do, right? At least 3 there going to my to get list: Psychotecchnic League, Robots vs Fairies & Strange Music…

  21. The pictures of stacks of books (plus the comments made about them) and the Big Idea pieces help me to find good reading. Thank you for both.

  22. John, how many books do publishers send you in a year? My sense is that you receive an inventory that could stock a small bookstore.

  23. F&SF has, ahem, *diversified* beyond imagining since my early reading days, a half-century or more ago. I’d have little hope of staying abreast of newly published work if it weren’t for these New Books and ARCs posts, and readers’ comments thereon. All done voluntarily and in a spirit of goodwill – the exact opposite of gatekeeping. Thanks to our host and to all concerned.

  24. I’m with those who say this is a good source of new books / authors.
    I’ve picked up quite a few this way.

  25. I’m more curious about the logistics – what do you eventually do with all these books? Donate to a local library or school? A sub-basement containing thousands of tomes? An annual yard sale?

  26. If it wasn’t for you doing this I would have never discovered that one of my close friends from High School is now a published author (Steve Bein, in case you were wondering.) So thank you for doing this.

  27. I am reading “Ka” now: it is great. (And I always assumed it was a stack of books you were randomly sent–but even if it wasn’t, none of my business!)

  28. Wow, some folks have way to much time on their hands.

    I always enjoy your book stash pics. Sometimes I find an authur I don’t know and add a few books to my “to read” list. I may add Robots vs. Fairies to that list.

  29. As a few others have asked, I’m wildly curious about what you do with all these books. I’m very proud of my 3500+ book library but based on your posts, 3500 is probably just a decent year at your house. (Not to mention the books you buy.) Any chance of some bookshelf pics? Pretty please? I love seeing people’s book collections! (Is that vaguely creepy?)

  30. Like so many others who have commented on this thread, I too love your ARCs photos and also discovered new authors and bought books because of the Big Idea entries, so ignore the silly people and please keep doing what you’re doing! I’m a bit of a newbie to the sci fi/fantasy genres, so these recos really help me choose what to read.

  31. People. Lots of people. One percent of 130k is 130. Maybe half of them tweet so that’s 65. Could one percent of your followers be sort of … oddballish in an asshat way? Probably a good chance. There, the Math(or Maths) has spoken. As for the stacks of books I’d much prefer them face out. You know, like in a bookstore. I wanna see the art. I know, not gonna happen but just saying.

  32. And yeah, I blew it. 1% of 130k is actually 1300. If I shot myself in the foot for eveytime I’ve done this sort of mistake, I’d be on peg legs. Yar. But, yeah not it’s 650. Whoa, I’d say you get off easy on the asshatery part.

  33. I seem to recall JS saying these books ended up at his local Library. But my memory is questionable so take it for what it is worth. I am curious like others as to how many of these JS reads. On that subject I also seem to recall JS posting that the spouse and daughter read those that catch their eye. I like Allan Dean Fosters stuff. Although I think he took too long to wrap up the main plot line for Pip and Flinx. I still reread his short collections With Friends Like These and Who needs Enemies.
    My problem is I can never pick a book. I’ll wander the aisles of the book store for an hour and walk out empty handed.

  34. Been a while since I’ve read any Foster, I may renew the acquaintance. Robots vs Fairies just for the title and Crowley.

    That being said, people, if you don’t like the author, book or both in the stack then don’t read them! It’s not deep.

  35. PS to the above: I will admit to being curious as to what author(s) and/or book(s) were b being singled out for displeasure and why but if Mr. Scalzi does want to reveal that’s his business.

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