Rocket Man (Thumpy Asteroid Mix)

I recently picked up Reason 10, which is a music creation software suite, mostly because I thought it would be fun, in my voluminous free time, to make some music. The software is pretty complex and almost certainly more than I can handle, particularly now when I’m actually finishing up a book; nevertheless I made enough progress today that I thought I’d fiddle with it this evening and see what I came up with.

What I came up with: This version of Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” which I created by recording myself on playing a guitar and then running it through various virtual machines inside the Reason software.

With the exception of the bass drum beat, everything else started off as me strumming a guitar, so that’s neat. It’s kind of wacky what you can do with basic sounds these days. This bears exploring further… after I finish my book. Until then, enjoy this.

8 Comments on “Rocket Man (Thumpy Asteroid Mix)”

  1. John, I think you’ve found your next big Internet thing…though I have to ask, what does Athena and Wil Wheaton think? Also, can you do something with a ukelele? (Yes, I went there)

  2. I liked the vocals best. (Seriously, really neat.)
    The danger with music creation isn’t the software, in my opinion, but the hardware. All those clicky buttons and analog dials…the glowing light-panels and the shiny little knobs and those slider gizmos that… excuse me, I have to go look at some …stuff… online now.

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