New Books and ARCs, 11/3/17

Somehow, the books find me! (It’s actually because the publishers send them to me. It’s a pretty sweet deal.) Lots of good stuff in this stack; let us know in the comments which of these books seem especially interesting to you on this Friday afternoon (or, uh, later, if you see this later).

27 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 11/3/17”

  1. Bubba and the Cosmic Blood Suckers! Got my copy last week.

    If you are looking for a fun movie this weekend, check out Bubba Ho-Tep based on the previous Bubba novella by Joe Lansdale.

  2. Definitely Tim Pratt and the Locke & Key collection but I bet the Lansdale would be good too (and that was before I saw it was a follow-up to Bubba Ho-Tep).

  3. Senlin Ascends took me by surprise by giving an uppercut to my sensibilities of how awesome steam punk can be. Prior to its magnetic story, my ability to care for the genre was on par with watching The Postman for the second time.

  4. There’s my books in that thar pile! Nice company, too. I’ll have to read Senlin Ascends, it seems.

  5. I initially misread the title as The Hempress, which I think would be a good Thomas Pynchon/Harry Turtledove collaboration.

    But never mind.

  6. OMG! OMG! OMG! Is the Lansdale book a sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep? On the list.

    The Wrong Stars sounds like a great adventure. I mean, who says getting lost is a bad thing?

  7. I would go with The Best of Richard Matheson, because I’ve only read a couple of the short stories and remember them fondly. I don’t remember how good his prose was one way or another, but I’m always grateful for a book I can dip into and out of.

    (Aside: Hollywood Reporter says House of Cards is shut down for an attempted rewrite, not a cancellation yet. )

  8. Oh yeah, Pratt’s THE WRONG STARS! I read a small excerpt at Barnes & Noble’s blog and I’m ready to get this. :-)

  9. You’ve got three – no, four – no, five – authors there that I’ve heard of, though I have to say that “Urban Waite” is a name that, once seen, is not easily forgotten.

  10. You must have an extensive library of sci books in your collection. Do you have a library room that you keep all the books you receive?

  11. Slightly worried by Brookmyre. I love his work, but I’m not sure how his style will translate to SF. We shall see.

  12. I’m planning on seeing Tim Pratt read in a week at Borderlands so I’ll be picking up The Wrong Stars then. I read a ton of Lansdale so I’m sure I’ll get to the Lansdale book at some point.

  13. You couldn’t possibly read all the books you receive and still have time for Chrissy, the pets, eating, sleeping, bathing – oh yes, and writing. How do you choose which books to read?

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