Four Views of the Same Wife

Playing with a new Prisma-like imaging app (called GoArt) and ran a picture of Krissy through a few different settings. I think they came out well. Of course, it helps to have a good subject.

Incidentally, GoArt is a pretty decent little app, although you should be aware of the in-app purchase scheme of it, which is pretty pervasive. For all that, the filters are pretty nice, as you can see above. I particularly liked the filter that mimics abstractionism. You can see what it does to this photo of St. John University’s namesake saint, which was in the university church:

Pretty nifty. So if you’re looking for another way to make your picture look arty, it might be worth checking out.

12 Comments on “Four Views of the Same Wife”

  1. In the lower right pic of Krissy, I see the filter applied blue to the skin-toned areas of her arms but not to her face and upper shoulder.  Did you have to fence off those parts with a blue-keep-out fence, or reverse the coloration, or did the filter in its mysterious ways decide where to apply the blue and where not?  (Fortunate that the color was Na’vi blue and not navy blue.)

  2. Are you aware that this app seems to actually send the pics to a central server to do the transformation? I got a message that my transformation was taking a long time because a lot of users were busy doing stuff. That means it’s not doing the transform on your mobile, but centrally. Which is never mentioned anywhere, as far as I can see.

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