The Difference a Day Makes

Same tree, 24 hours difference:

The season is called “Fall” for a reason.

11 Comments on “The Difference a Day Makes”

  1. Except here in the land of Aus it’s called autumn. They look at you funny is you call it fall. I suspect it has to do with equal parts anti-Yank sentiment and having super modest native trees that never expose their bones.

  2. FossilFishy: autumn is a strange one. It doesn’t seem to be (etymologically) connected to anything ‘meaning’ anything. It replaced ‘harvest’ as the name for the season – which is a bit of a pity: summer, harvest, winter, spring is a nice sequence.

  3. I live about an hour south of you and noticed the same thing .. kinda like a switch was thrown telling leaves ok everyone, on the count of 3 ….

  4. Love it! My favorite related image (up here in Montreal) is when we get a frost, followed by yellow and red leaves fallen atop the frost. It looks like an impressionist painting of the tree standing in the middle of a pond, its image reflected in still water. Breathtaking on a sunny day.

  5. Judging only by how the cacti here in Arizona behave, your tree might be defective. I’d suggest returning it. :)

  6. They always say trees only ever change slowly, but I’ve always found their changes can be awe inspiringly quick at times. For that reason, autumn is my favourite season.

  7. The tree is now either mildly embarrassed by its lack of pants, or relieved that all that dressing-up effort is done with for a while.

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