New Books and ARCs, 11/17/17

And here’s this week’s stack of new books and ARCs, freshly arrived at the Scalzi Compound. What do you see here that floats your proverbial boat? Tell us all in the comments.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

17 replies on “New Books and ARCs, 11/17/17”

Oh look, that one under the blue one is the book that won the Excellence in the field of Excellence award from Camestros Felapton’s cat, I think.

‘The Nine’ looks interesting, once I looked up the author instead of Googling ‘The Mime’…

I’m intrigued by the appearance of ‘The Sea King’, while there are sometimes non-genre books in the stacks they do generally seem to be SFF-ish. No doubt publishers aren’t too specific in their seeking of publicity for books and romance is in fact a *much* bigger genre readership-wise than SFF but I’m curious as to how much crossover there actually is in the fan circles!

@Samuel Hulett – see

I’m surprised that the Tim Powers book has such a nice cover; it doesn’t look like a Baen book at all.

But I’m a tad worried at the prospect of a book collecting Powers’s prose being published by a company so proudly lax in their editing. Sure, it’s all reprint, but Baen books seem to be sloppily proofed, too. So I hope whoever worked on it outside the company was extra-careful…

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