Sunset and Moon, 11/20/17

It was lovely here today. Hope it was where you were, too.

11 Comments on “Sunset and Moon, 11/20/17”

  1. That’s beautiful. Alas, here in the City of London the skyscrapers put out so much light that we don’t see beyond them.

    On the other hand, a couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to walk through the Alhambra Palace in Granada by moonlight, and starlight; one of the most beautiful things which humanity has ever created. Failing to recognise the beauty around us, natural or made, seems to me to be a marker of the fascists your machine mocks…

  2. That’s gorgeous! We are clouding up before our sunset in the Bay Area, so unless there is a “Fiat Luxe” moment, I think tonight’s forecast is grey.

    Nice weather though, high 50’s and low 60’s zooming down to cold and chilly at night. The cats have been coming in with popsicle toes.

  3. Ohio has many wonderful magic moments. I know because I was born and raised there before moving away. I have seen a lot of places over the years but Ohio is still on the top of my list for beauty.

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