Away From the Internet Through 12/3

Hey there! I have a book to finish with a hard deadline of, uh, next week, so I am going to hide from the Internet until it is done, or through December 3rd, whichever comes first. This includes Twitter, Facebook, etc. Basically there will be a Scalzi-shaped hole in the Internet for the next ten days.

While I’m gone, two things to know:

1. You can still order signed and personalized books by me for the holidays, through my local bookstore. All the details are at this link. Feel free to share that link.

2. Starting on December 4th I will open Whatever up for my annual Holiday Shopping Guide, for books (both traditionally and non-traditionally published), other creative work, fan favorites, and charitable giving. Creatives, be ready to share your wares then!

Have fine Thanksgiving and/or start of your holiday season. See you on December 3rd.


Athena, 11/22/17

My kid is pretty great. That is all.

For those of you in the US, I hope you’ve gotten all your shopping done for Thanksgiving and that any traveling you do will be bearable, and that your time with family and friends tomorrow is delightful and with no extended political arguments. For everyone else in the world, happy Wednesday, folks.