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New Books and ARCs, 11/3/17

Somehow, the books find me! (It’s actually because the publishers send them to me. It’s a pretty sweet deal.) Lots of good stuff in this stack; let us know in the comments which of these books seem especially interesting to you on this Friday afternoon (or, uh, later, if you see this later).

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Rocket Man (Thumpy Asteroid Mix)

I recently picked up Reason 10, which is a music creation software suite, mostly because I thought it would be fun, in my voluminous free time, to make some music. The software is pretty complex and almost certainly more than I can handle, particularly now when I’m actually finishing up a book; nevertheless I made […]

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Weinstein, Ratner, Toback, Etc

Another day and another dude in the entertainment industry accused of sexual assault and harassment: Today it’s Brett Ratner, who six women accused of impropriety in a Los Angeles Times article, including actress Natasha¬†Henstridge, who recounts an encounter two decades ago that basically amounts to rape, and Olivia Munn, toward whom Ratner has been pretty […]

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Doing My Part for ACA Open Enrollment Awareness

Reposting here a tweet I just made: Hello. The current administration is trying really hard to make sure you don't know you have access to good, affordable health insurance. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) November 1, 2017 For those of you who can’t see the tweet for whatever reason: It’s ACA Open Enrollment time! The […]

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Two Years of Scamperbeastery

Two years ago on this date Krissy, Athena and I went over to a neighbor of my mother-in-law’s with the intent of getting a kitten from a litter his cat had birthed. We ended up getting two, since they were small and also the kittens had clear affection for each other. The kittens became the […]

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