“Don’t Live For Your Obituary” Arrives at the Scalzi Compound

Look at this lovely book, held aloft by my lovely missus. It’s Don’t Live For Your Obituary, my first collection of writing-related essays in a decade. The official release date is December 31st (yes, New Year’s Eve), but if you pre-ordered the signed limited hardcover from Subterranean Press, I understand they have begun to be shipped. Yes! The holidays are saved!

(You can still order it from Subterranean Press, by the way. It’s in stock there now.)

This is my third book of the year, after The Collapsing Empire and the print version of The Dispatcher. 2017 turned out to be pretty productive after all.

5 Comments on ““Don’t Live For Your Obituary” Arrives at the Scalzi Compound”

  1. I got the shipping confirmation email yesterday, and the tracking info shows an ETA of Friday – I know what I’m gonna be doing this weekend!

  2. Will this be published in e-form? (I really, truly, have no more room for any more physical books…)

  3. Thanks, that’s excellent. Will the e-form be available in the UK? – at present, the title draws a blank on the UK Kindle.

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