Hey, I Did An “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit

And you can find it here, if you’re interested in hear me blab on about writing and books and people and the Netflix deal and all that. And if you’re not, I mean, why do you even come here? WELL?!?

9 Comments on “Hey, I Did An “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit”

  1. Sorry about the Redshirts away mission fatalities. Hopefully they get retconned back to life ;)

  2. Well, in answer to your question, I come here instead of going to Reddit because I have difficulty processing auditory data, and I can grasp content better by reading it than I do by listening to it. I’d be interested in reading a transcription of your talk if one is ever posted, though.

    I do very much appreciate the way you reach out to your fans by multiple media and on multiple platforms. Just like I have problems processing auditory content, I know that others have difficulty with written content, and you do a good job of connecting with all of us. Thank you for that (among many other things).

  3. Are these responses contradictory? I’m fascinated by the writing process.

    “That means that I’ve plotted the whole thing out and know what everyone is going to do and how it all ends. So the story writing and plotting is done; now it’s just getting it all down into a document.”

    “I mostly make it up as I go along if I’m writing fiction, and outline if I’m writing non-fiction. I like seeing what makes characters and stories do as I write them, and then I’m not bored.”

  4. Colonel Snuggledorf: AMA on Reddit is entirely text-based, not a podcast. Users type questions and up/down rank them and then the person being asked the questions types replies. You can just scroll and read.

    Go check it out.

  5. I come here because I have you bookmarked, and coming here puts off actual work for a little while.

  6. @Lauren B: Risking the wrath of putting words in our host’s mouth, but – the first quote is about starting a new book, when he doesn’t actually know for sure what will happen, while the second quote is in the home stretch when the finish is pretty well set and it’s just a matter of typing fast enough to get there.

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