New Books and ARCs, 12/21/17

Happy solstice! To celebrate the longest night of the year (on this side of the globe anyway), I’ve got a very fine stack of new books and ARCs for you to peruse. See anything here you’d spend a long evening with? Tell us all in the comments.

18 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 12/21/17”

  1. Two, two!, copies of “Sinless”. Another dystopian novel with a teen girl as the heroine. Boy – that sure is a strong pattern out there in books and movies. The novels of this type, while not “novel”, were a delightful change from reading fiction set in the Civil War (ie Killer Angels, and Andersonville), At some point I’m wondering if my literary choices reveal my dark side. (Muah-hah-hah!) All these books are by authors new to me except for Feist, who I would love to get re-acquainted with.

  2. You’ve got two copies of Sinless? You ought to give one away. Maybe to the first reader who offers to pay for the postage? [hand shoots up]

  3. (Sorry for the second comment, but another thought just occurred to me)

    Seriously, what do you do with all these books? I don’t think you really review too much anymore, do you? I’m sure you read and keep some, but you get so many. I can’t see all of them appealing to you. How about having a bidding round of various ARCs for your commenters, with the proceeds going to charity? (On second thought, that might not be kosher re: payments to authors. Oh well.)

  4. ‘BATMAN: NIGHTWALKER’ looks interesting. I’m reading Marie Lu’s ‘WARCROSS’ at the moment.

  5. Had not heard of “Lightfoot” until you showed it. Jumped over to Amazon and ordered a copy!

  6. My dad went to high school with Gordon Lightfoot. GL was in every year’s musical production – he always got the male lead, even in grade 9.

  7. I’ve got “Points of Impact” pre-ordered and am definitely looking forward to reading it as soon as it drops onto my Kindle. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of Martin Kloos’s “Fronlines” series. :)

  8. Mr. Scalzi, please excuse my ignorance (I’m not a native English speaker), but what on Earth does ARC stand for? No clues from searching old archives of Whatever. And best matches on seem to be ”Articulated Robot Controller”, ”Airworthiness Review Certificate” and ”Advanced Recon Commando” :)

    Thank you very much in advance for clarifying this for me. Cheers.

  9. @Thistle313 Huh. Makes sense, but it never crossed my mind. Thank you.

    Advanced Recon Commando was pretty close though… 😊

  10. I read the Wonder Woman novel in the same “series” as the Batman one and it was a really interesting take on the character and the universe so I’m pretty much a shoo in for that.

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