Please Enjoy the Scalzi Family 2017 Holiday Card

It’s lovely and truly captures the sentiment of the season.

Its genesis comes from a bad pun I made on Twitter (“If shrimp had a religious leader, it’d be known as the Prawntiff”) and then art of the Prawntiff being made by @jurijuri. It delighted me so much that I asked her if I could use it for a holiday card (I then also paid her for the work, because that’s what you do).

And now I’m sharing it with you. I hope your holidays are delightful, and that the new year will bring you joy. And so does the Prawntiff.

13 Comments on “Please Enjoy the Scalzi Family 2017 Holiday Card”

  1. Happy holidays to you too.

    A few days ago, I ate churros for the first time and I thought of you. In fact, I saw the stand at the Christmas market, though “Now is my chance to taste the thing that John Scalzi talks about all the time”. So – they’re like oblong, deep fried waffles with sugar and cinnamon on them. Pretty good, I’d say.

  2. “Captain, I don’t know how you feel about this shrimp, but if you’ll eat it, you never have to prove your courage in any other way.” ~ General Corman, Apocalypse Now

  3. Actually, that sounds like an Aussie Christmas to me. We tend to celebrate by having lots of seafood (or at least, my family does – my partner and my partner’s father are both allergic to seafood, and therefore have to abstain). I tend to get my yearly allowance of prawns and crayfish at Christmas dinner at Mum’s.

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