New Books and ARCs, 12/22/17

Just in time for Christmas weekend, this lovely stack of new books and ARCs? Which would you like to see under the tree? Tell us in the comments!

16 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 12/22/17”

  1. Fight and Flight. I really enjoyed the first two books of Meyer’s Magic 2.0 series, and I still need to read the third. Fun reads.

  2. I plan to start “The Girl in the Tower” when my holiday starts (in about an hour!!). I thoroughly enjoyed “The Bear and the Nightingale” and am looking forward to returning to that world.

  3. There are quite a few in this batch. Funny thing is. OK there’s a lot of funny things. I just spent an hour trying to learn the Chicago Manual of Style for a book review of Brust’s Vallista. But, two days ago I ordered Lock In (Kindle), and I am about 40% in. I need to be working on the review but I can’t because the other book is too much in my head. So, I do the bits I can towards writing. Funny thing is, I’ve enjoyed “Whatever” for a while but never read your other writing. I think I already got my gift under the tree.

    (Not appropriate for this thread. The Head On one was already closed out. No worries about deleting.)

  4. Ooh nice, new Janny Wurts. That took a long time between books!
    The books in this series are way too … intensely written, with a nighttime stroll through a forest given the same weight and intensity as an epic battle for the faith of the universe, but despite that unrelenting intensity, I’ve slogged my way through them all so far (and enjoyed a whole lot of it in between the bad), so with this supposedly being the penultimate book, I’m damned well going to see it to its conclusion, dagnabbit!

  5. “Hymn”. I was just getting into Ken Scholes’ “Hymns of Isaac” saga and got distracted. Need to read “Antiphonal” and “Requiem” first.

  6. RE Lisahertel “I hope the fix the typo on the spine of Susan Casper’s book.”

    Maybe it’s a plug for the Society for Creative Anachronism? ;-)

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