Whatever Best of 2017

Well, this was a year, wasn’t it. I’m not going to be terribly disappointed to see it go. Nevertheless, I got some decent writing out of it here on Whatever. Below, in alphabetical order, you’ll find the pieces I find of special note in 2017. Be aware that I tried to keep the pieces kvetching about our current horrible president to a minimum; I want you to be able to get through the pieces without feeling like you want to walk into the sea. Nevertheless these pieces reflect the general “ugh” of the year, because, well. 2017 and all that. You know. You were there.

And just so everything in this wrapup is not Very Serious Pieces, here’s me and Chuck Wendig and Neil Gaiman and Mikey Neumann and my kid being silly on Twitter. You’re welcome.

8 Comments on “Whatever Best of 2017”

  1. Hmmm….you are getting (disturbingly) good at this self-portrait stuff (to call it ‘selfie’ would trivialize). Alarming resemblance to Ed Wynn (not a bad thing, just alarming…). ‘o)

  2. Read your piece on college costs. I am a Miami University grad who, with mixed emotions, saw my son enroll at Ohio University, A solid school, but still.

    Anyway, they did, as Miami apparently still does, allow payments by credit card. I used my airline loyalty credit card to make the payment, promptly paid the credit card and basked in the glow of air miles accruing to my account. Eventually I had enough miles for a ticket to Europe , which I am certain I would have enjoyed if I wasn’t broke from helping with college tuition.

    Contemplate the apparent opportunity.

    Happy holidays and here is to a better new year.

  3. Always appreciate the comments, Scalzi, particularly the link to greatest hits missed. Dunno if this was your intent, but I found you through your blog, thought “Hey, I like this guy,” and went and bought some of your books. Keep on truckin, weird 70s cartoon dudes included.

  4. Missed the parts of 2017 when my brain rooooolled my eyes ‘way back in their sockets. But otherwise, yeah, looks like you covered our brains on 2017 well.

  5. A timely quote from the Hamilton essay:

    one can always quibble on details and miss out on the overall effect of a work