Sunsets, 2017

First, here’s tonight’s:

And a few others from 2017:

Good job, sky! A quality year for sunsets to be sure.

12 Comments on “Sunsets, 2017”

  1. Question: Have you taken photography classes? Because your photos (portraits, sunsets, you name it) are waaaaaaay better than anything I ever manage to produce.

  2. Nice work John. The photo of your pets looks like a great shot for a heartwarming movie about animals.

  3. I really love your sunset (& the once-annual sunrise) pictures. Right now I’m in a hospital room (which is LIKE a hotel room but with really peculiar room service) which has absolutely stunning views, and I’m well enough to thoroughly enjoy looking out the window. Especially at sunrise and sunset, which happen to be two of the times I’m woken for meds. So I can’t help constantly thinking of you, and beautiful sky, and the pleasures and pitfalls of being on tour (or otherwise away from home). This is making me happy.

  4. Some spectacular sunsets there.The great thing about sunsets is no two are the same. You could take a sunset photo from the same place every day, and get a different picture every time.