New Books and ARCs 12/29/17

Here it is, the final stack of new books and ARCs for 2017. See anything here you’d like to take into the new year with you? Tell us in the comments!

31 Comments on “New Books and ARCs 12/29/17”

  1. I have to admit that most of these are books I have not heard of, by authors i don’t know. The Lee & Miller I presume to be a new entry in the Liaden universe saga, which i have enjoyed much of. The title of _Space Opera_ is interesting.

  2. The Weight of Words looks intriguing. I’ve loved Dave McKean since I first saw one of his Sandman covers many years ago.

  3. Iron Gold! Gah. I can’t wait to read that one. That whole series captivated me.

  4. Sang Maudit caught my eye as I wondered if the book was a French edition. Then I remembered I can’t really speak French even though I took 5 years (!) of French. We read Moliere in Cliff’s Notes and parroted back as best we could. High school was fun. SO I kept looking down the list and I MUST express interest in The Weight of Words, simply by the title. I’m a words girl (in English at least); what more can I say? It looks like an absolutely amazing collection and I would love to get my hands on that book!
    Did I ruin my chances by writing too much off-topic? :( I can’t help it.

  5. Jason Shiga’s DEMON is amazing. It starts as a locked room murder mystery. And then…

    A great series by the writer/artist who did Fleep, Bookhunter, Empire State: A Love Story (or Not), and time travel flipbook Meanwhile.

    I hear great things about The Weight of Words.

  6. More Alternative Truths is helping me finish out the old year, and I have Neogenesis prebooked for the new. Cat Valente’s idea of a space opera sounds intriguing.

  7. As the title of a fiction book, Space Opera is a fine idea, but it’s been done – by Jack Vance more than 50 years ago. The editor in chief of Pyramid, a mass-market paperback publisher, chose two maximally generic titles, Space Opera and The Zap Gun, and recruited Vance and Philip K. Dick (respectively) to write them.

  8. I’m jonesing for Neogenesis. I’ve read the advance chapters at Baen a dozen times. My local library is being dilatory about ordering it.

  9. Gottacook, I *think* I remember reading ‘The Zap Gun’ ages ago.

    ‘The Weight of Words’ sounds interesting, does JS have a piece in that?

  10. Sang Maudit is getting good reviews on FNAC and Amazon France. The alternate Paris novels I have read have been fun (China Mieville and Aliette de Bodard to be specific). This one imagines a France without the French Revolution, hmmm, where does go?

  11. I read an ARC of Neogenesis and it’s an outstanding addition to the Liaden Universe series. I’ll be buying it on Tuesday. The Valente and Newman look good also.

  12. @gottacook
    I read Dick’s _The Zap Gun_ many ears ago, but although i have read quite a bit of Vance, i don’t recall _Space opera_. Was it reissued under a different title perhaps? Or did i just miss it? I must go check the ISFDB.

    An idea just popped into my mind, a novel or story with the title “Space Opera” by Lloyd Biggle. So appropriate. Sadly it will never be.

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