The 2018 Awards Consideration Post

Another year, another quick post to let you know what work I have for you to consider for awards and such. Ready? Here we go:

Best Novel:

The Collapsing Empire (3/21/17; Tor Books; Patrick Nielsen Hayden, editor)

Best Related Work/Non-fiction/Collection:

Don’t Live For Your Obituary: Advice, Commentary and Personal Observations on Writing, 2008-2017 (12/31/17; Subterranean Press)

“The Dispatcher” was published in print in 2017, but first appeared in audio in 2016, which generally counts as first publication. It’s definitely ineligible for the Hugo and the Nebula and the Locus (which it was a finalist for last year in any event).

And that’s what on tap this go around.

3 Comments on “The 2018 Awards Consideration Post”

  1. John, is there a good web site or other resource for awards that permit fan/reader voting? If not, are there any particular awards you’d like to be considered for? I ask, in part, because I know that you have expressed reservations about the awards process (and its politicization, if that’s the right word) in the past.

  2. I don’t have any restrictions for awards to be considered for, no. I took a year off a couple of years back, that’s all.

  3. Will you be entering anything into President Trump’s Dishonesty in Media Awards for Monday?

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