Thoughts on My 30th High School Reunion

This last October I went to my 30th reunion at my high school, and had a very lovely time of it; I did a reading for my former classmates and others, hung around with old friends and generally enjoyed the company of people I had known for decades now. My school asked me to write up a piece about the experience for our alumni magazine (and yes, I went to a high school of the sort that has alumni magazines). So I did, writing about why this 30th reunion was my favorite of all the reunions I’ve been to. If you’re curious about it, the piece is here.

Also, I took lots of photos of the reunion weekend, including members of the Class of ’87, other folks, and general scenery around the school. Follow each of those links to take a look.

6 Comments on “Thoughts on My 30th High School Reunion”

  1. Ah, well, this year’ll be my high school’s 60th reunion. Haven’t been to any of them.

  2. I only know about my school’s first one because I was still using my brother’s old home as my mailing address. Now the home has been replaced by a McMansion for some city slicker.

    When. the notice for my first one arrived, only a few years out, there was a short list of people they couldn’t find. All of my favorite people were on that list. I guess my sort are the ones who take off fast and early. Like me.

  3. My high school years were a 4-year prison term where all the guards were mentally defective sadists. Have had not the slightest urge to see any of my fellow inmates in the 40 years since I was freed. We had nothing in common except all being trapped there together.

    I’m happy to hear YOUR high school was much better! May you be able to creak off to the 60th reunion and beyond.

  4. I went to my 30th, the first and probably last one I’ll go to. I only recognized about 3 people there, I didn’t really enjoy high school and barely remember it. Mainly it was me walking around thinking “wow, these people are all fat and old” and people saying somewhat uncomfortably “uh, wow, you haven’t changed at all.”