Sunset, 1/14/18

Big yellowy sunset with glowing clouds.

Because sunsets are nice, and this was a nice sunset.

Hope your weekend was lovely.

5 Comments on “Sunset, 1/14/18”

  1. Nice weekend. Two of 4 football games were good, surprise endings. How did Pittsburgh get within 3 points? How did the Saints come back from, what, 21 points down, take the lead with under a minute left, and the Vikings still won, literally with 0:00 left on the clock when that guy crossed the goal line.

    We’ve both had upper resp tract infections, went to the Dr on Thursday, drugs were prescribed, appear to be working… stayed in all weekend, had cats in bed with us off and on, much better today. Break in the weather today until darkish, so off to Huntington for a different Dr appointment. When you feel like sleeping, football is a good diversion if you need to be awake for a few hours.

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