It’s Been That Kind of Day, So Please Accept This Picture of a Cat Who Is, Frankly, All Over Your Brand of Nonsense

I feel you, Spice. I truly do.

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  1. That’s the sort of look I’ve been getting from my herd when they feel the cold temperatures outside. On the other hand, two or three of them trotted out into the snow today and hung around outside for a while. They must be getting cabin fever.

  2. I gladly accept your picture of a cat, in spite of the fact that today went well enough for me that I do not actually need cat pictures at this time.

  3. No promises about the thinky bits, but just was adopted by Earl Gray, bringing the house total to three. When cat pictures no longer work, import real cats.

  4. Spice is undoubtedly the feline equivalent of stout Cortez, silent upon a peak in Darien…

  5. “Maybe we should let Spice question Steve Bannon…”

    Oh no, even cat pictures devolve into politics. There is no escape.

  6. Forget Bannon and any political allegiance, folks. We need Spice to grill them all! We need the O.S.S.F (Office of Skeptically Scowling Feline) and we need it now! :P

  7. This just firms up my resolve to get through with the hideous move I’m doing, and adopt a cat ASAP!

  8. Thank you, John. I love all of your cats so much– almost as much as I love my own kitties! I get the feeling that, if we were acquainted in person, Sugar would be my snuggle-buddy, but Spice would speak to the feelings in my heart. And Zeus reminds me of my own darling Penelope in so many ways.

    It’s so kind of you to share them with us. It might sound silly to say so, but they really do help with the craziness we’re encountering these days. Since I can’t spend all of my days curled up with my own furballs, getting the occasional surprise cat from you is always one way of puncturing that pessimistic balloon which swells up from the news each day…

    Thanks so much!

  9. Speaking of which, thank you for your writing. I recently finished my first Scalzi, _Locked In_ and am reading _Unlocked_ online at, today. I am close to a left sided stroke survivor (meaning lost nearly all capacity for language) but retained cognition. This series has me in tears at points. “Chris Clarke”, frex:

    “…Then I started to talk to anyone who was in the room because it had been so long since I could talk to anyone about anything. I was just asking people’s names and what they were wearing and about their kids and their pets—it didn’t matter because I could talk again and it was the best thing in the world. After a few minutes of this I got a weird itch on my face and it took me a couple of seconds to realize that I had tears and they were just, like, pooling on my face because I was lying down and not able to wipe them away. I had to ask someone to wipe them for me.”

    The series is Amazing, too. :-)

  10. Great place for me to go off topic with a question. How exactly is Nohamapetan pronounced? Right now I just skip it, but would still like to know.

    Yes, Spice, I deserve that look.

  11. Are you blocking your cat’s sunbeam again? No wonder the beast has that look.

  12. Ooh, yeah, it has been that kinda week. I’m so with Spice on this.

    However, today generated another font idea and sketches which look promising.

    My ancient iPad2 keeps quitting on the Kindle app, and so, I bit the bullet and sprang for a new Amazon Fire HD 10 with a 10 inch screen, ’cause screen size is very important with my lousy eyesight. The new gadget should be here in another couple of days. (Tomorrow, they claim.) So I will once again be able to read ebooks away from the desktop computer screen.

    Currently Reading: Emergence by C.J. Cherryh, with a backlog of cool SF&F and other books to read. Intending to use the new gadget for Audible audio too. Scalzi titles are in the To-Read Heap. (Heap because the stack fell over.)

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