Confusion in Black and White

Every January I attend the Confusion Convention in Michigan, and this January was no exception. One again I had a delightful time with many people I like and admire. And I also got pictures, as I often do. I’ll be posting a more complete set at some point in the near(ish) future, but until them, here are some I took, in glorious black and white. Enjoy.

Charlie Jane Anders, David Anthony Durham, Kate Elliott
Charlie Jane Anders, David Anthony Durham, Kate Elliott
Meg Frank
Andrea Phillips
Luke Daniels 
Annalee Newitz
Jim Butcher
Kristine Scalzi

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

16 replies on “Confusion in Black and White”

Once again, I scrolled down through your pictures murmuring things like, “Oh, very nice!” And then we came to Krissy and I said, “Awww!” Somehow, when you photograph her, your love just always shines through and the picture seems somehow special. I love to see it.

I love me some Dresden Files….i don’t know much about Mr Butcher himself…but very cool to see to authors I read secretly hanging out in real life….(assuming you actually hang out and don’t just snap photos of unsuspecting people, cause that’s just creepy). Good portrait shots tho….

The pictures of Andrea and Luke are stand outs among this set. Although I have to second what Deborah noted. I suspect more love goes into photos of your wife and daughter. The Jim Butcher picture is good too but that thing in the background needs to go. The Luke pic also has something on the lower left that could go but it didn’t distract as much. Very nice work.

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