John Picacio Offering Worldcon Memberships to Mexicanx Fans and Creators

Here he is, explaining it in a series of six tweets. If you’re eligible, feel free to apply.

Please note that when John says “Post a reply here” he means to his Twitter account or email, not to my Web site here or to me. He’s handling all the work. Here’s where you can find his email. And of course feel free to share.

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  1. Ok, but my question is semantics. I understand the use of Latinx, because it embodies Latino and Latina. I have never seen Mexicanx before. Is it the same thing, trying to be inclusive? Because Mexican isn’t gendered, as far as I know.
    (Just trying to learn, before I offend a friend or stranger. Thanks.)

  2. Joe Frietze:

    I don’t know but my assumption is that it’s gendered in Spanish (“Mexicano/Mexicana”). Also, in this case I’m following John’s lead.

  3. Hi, Joe Frietze! Yeah, I’m using the word “Mexicanx” because it’s gender inclusive. I don’t think I coined the word. Surely it’s been used elsewhere, but it feels natural for me so I use it.

  4. Scalzi kindly joined me in this endeavor, but we agreed that I’d handle the questions. So don’t bother him. Hit me up instead, yeah? I’ll check in here periodically. :) Appreciated, all!

  5. “Yeah, I’m using the word “Mexicanx” because it’s gender inclusive”

    But “Mexican” is also gender inclusive. What nationality is Anna? She’s a Mexican. What nationality is Jorge? He’s a Mexican. No difference.
    Unlike Spanish, English doesn’t differentiate between male and female for most demonyms and ethnonyms (there are a few exceptions, like “Frenchman” and “Englishman”, as well as loanwords like “Latino”). So “Mexicanx” makes sense in Spanish if you want to avoid saying “Mexicanos y Mexicanas” or something… but it’s not necessary in English, any more than we need to talk about “Chileanx” or indeed “Germanx” or “Egyptianx” to make sure that we include both men and women from Germany or Egypt.
    You’re solving a solved problem.

  6. I would like to know where the book is that has that awesome image for its cover…and if there isn’t one yet, I would like one to be written. Thank you in advance, dear writer, whoever you might be ^_^

  7. @ajay – Mexicanx is very explicitly inclusive. Latin is also gender neutral in English, but people use Latinx to replace the gendered Spanish Latino/Latina. I would guess that Chilenx might be used instead of Chilean — again replacing the gendered Spanish word, not the non-gendered English one.

  8. @ajay

    But “Mexican” is also gender inclusive. What nationality is Anna? She’s a Mexican. What nationality is Jorge? He’s a Mexican. No difference.

    Why are you privileging English and Anglicization here? Who said anything about nationality? Is John Picacio only offering membership to Mexican nationals, or are descendants of Mexicans, including Chicanx Americans, also eligible?

  9. Hi, Mookie — We’re seeing Mexican nationals and Mexican Americans both applying for this and that’s pretty much what I was looking for. And yes, Chicanx or Xicanx Americans are eligible.

  10. Thank you for the clarification, John, and for both Johns’s generosity!

    If any of the four recipients are regular blawggers or have active and viewable social media accounts and are planning to document their time spent at the con, I’d love it if both of you linked to them directly, at some point, so we readers can follow along.

  11. Hi, Mookie — Duly noted. I’m pleased by the submissions I’m seeing in my inbox. I look forward to John and me putting these memberships in the hands of folks who will enjoy a stellar Worldcon and have a positive impact.

  12. Hey, everyone — I’m gonna disappear into drawing and deadlines now, but I’ll check back late this afternoon or evening to handle further questions / comments. Appreciated.

  13. Is mexicanx also number inclusive or are we still allowed to say mexicanxs for plural? Because if we only have “the mexicanx” how do we know how many mexicanx we are talking about?

  14. Dear Ajay,

    How is this your axe to grind? And who are you to decide what other people identify themselves with? Especially when you’re declaring they should use an english word to do so?

    pax / Ctein

  15. Dear John,

    If you are looking to expand this wonderful access program, I would be delighted to contribute two memberships.

    I am emailing you separately, so we can establish communications that way (I don’t do twitter). Look for it.

    Posting this here in case (a) you’d welcome more supporters, in which case this is a good way to get the word out or (b) you want to keep this just the size it is, in which case this is also a good way to get that word out.

    – pax \ Ctein
    [ Please excuse any word-salad. Dragon Dictate in training! ]
    — Ctein’s Online Gallery. 
    — Digital Restorations. 

  16. A: “Who’s coming tonight?’
    B: “The mexicanx.”
    A: “Ok, i’ll go to the store.”
    B: “Why did you buy 24 bottlex of beerx and two bottlex of tequilx? Lucia does not drink.”
    A: “I didn’t get if you said mexicancs or mexicancss, and i did not want to hurt anybody’s feeling by asking what dox x mexicanx drinkx.”

  17. MEXICANX: My pronunciation is meh-hee-KAH-nex. That ‘x’ at the end is important. It allows the word to defy the walls of fools. It unites Mexican people across borders. For instance, when I say “I’m Mexican” in America, for some that might mean I’m not American, which is not true. I’m 100% Mexican American, but if I want to talk about all Mexican peoples across borders and politics, the word ‘Mexicanx’ unites us.

    When I’m talking about Mexican people in plural, the traditional word would be “Mexicanos” (pronounced meh-hee-KAH-nohz). That’s great for the fellas, but not very cool for the ladies, and it’s not cool for people who don’t identify by a specific gender. Mexicanx includes all of the above.

  18. As the chair of Worldcon 76, I just want to express how thrilled and gratified we are that y’all are doing this, and by the excitement it’s engendered.

  19. Dear Kevin,

    De nada!

    Off-topic; would you please drop me an email (ctein at pobox dot com)? There’s something I want to ask you about privately and oddly I don’t have contact information for you. Thanks!

    pax / Ctein

  20. We saw the “x” suffix for non-gendered nouns used in Puerto Rico last summer, on things as simple as “Empleadxs deben lavarse las manos antes de regresar a trabajar.” Yep, hand-washing signs in restrooms were using non-gendered references to their employees.

  21. UPDATE!!! VERY GOOD NEWS: Our sponsorship team is GROWING. John and I are now officially joined by ace photographer Ctein (hooray for you, man!!) who is sponsoring two more Worldcon memberships for Mexicanx. We are also now joined by Ty Franck — one-half of the James S.A. Corey writing juggernaut. He’s sponsoring one Worldcon membership for a deserving Mexicanx. Right on, Ty!! And this just in — Christopher Brown, author of TROPIC OF KANSAS, is sponsoring two more Mexicanx for attending Worldcon memberships. Too good. And this crazy train is going to keep rolling because I’m confirming more sponsorships right now, to be announced soon. This has become A THING. ‘Keep you posted.

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