Kristine, 1/27/18

Kristine Blauser Scalzi, 1/27/18

I think I’ve noted that the Pixel 2 phone takes pretty decent photos. Here’s an example. Mind you, it helps to have a good subject.

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  1. I love that she’s letting her hair highlight itself. All the shades on her head are just gorgeous. I’m highlighted about the same amount, though, so my opinion isn’t unbiased.

  2. Dear John,

    Doesn’t hurt to have a good photographer, either.

    Or so I’ve heard.

    But what do I know?

    Y’know it’d be a bit of a lark and kind of a vanity project (but, hey, artists get to be vain), but I bet if you put together a small PoD collection or chapbook of your favorite photographs, you’d sell enough copies to make it worth your while.

    Seriously, no kidding.

    pax / Ctein

  3. I think that’s one of your best. I thought so when you posted it on Twitter last night. Nice that the new tablet inspired you!
    I haven’t seen many you’ve taken of the two of you. Do tablets and phones not do timer pictures?

  4. I had the same thoughts as ladybrianna – her hair looks great and I admire her willingness to let it go grey.

  5. I love Krissy’s smile in this picture, by the way. I meant to say that in the original post, but got distracted. I hope you find another dog soon. I know you all miss Daisy.

  6. I was thinking about your Daisy post last month when I came to the site today, so seeing Kristine’s name with the date scared the crap out of me for a few seconds. I’m very happy it was a gross overreaction.

    Also, fantastic picture

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