Attention: Book Name Change for The Widening Gyre

The Widening Gyre, the second book in the Interdependency series, is getting a name change to:

The Consuming Fire. 

Please note it for your records.

(Also note: The Last Emperox, which was formerly the tentative title of the second book of the Interdependency series, until I changed to The Widening Gyre, now The Consuming Fire, is now tentatively the title of the third book in the Interdependency series. Tentative, people.)

(Also, yes, there will be a third book in the series. It’s now a trilogy.)

Why did we change the title?

1. It’s conceptually a better fit for what I have going on in the book.

2. No one can agree on how to pronounce “gyre,” which I discovered listening to multiple people say the title back to me. It’s the same problem as the “gif” thing which by the way is pronounced with a hard g. Yes, I know the dictionary says “gyre” is pronounced with a “j” sound, but that’s what they say about “gif” as well, and that’s fucking wrong. Anyway, everyone knows how to pronounce “fire.”

Also I’ve seen the artwork for the cover and it’s amazing. I’ll let you know when there will be a cover reveal (we have to change the title on it first).

Also also, The Consuming Fire will be out October 16. Still.

Hmmm, I guess I should write more in that book now.



The Collapsing Empire and Don’t Live For Your Obituary on the Locus Recommended Reading List

Any year in which a work of mine makes it onto the Locus Recommended Reading List is a good one (for me, anyway). This year, I’m happy to say two made it: The Collapsing Empire and Don’t Live For Your Obituary, in the Science Fiction Novel and Non-Fiction categories, respectively. How cool is that? Answer: Pretty cool. Mind you, many many other excellent works are on the list as well this year, and indeed this is a very fine reading list if you’d like to know what made waves in speculative fiction in 2017. Here’s the full list for your perusal. Happy reading!

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