The New Guitar, and a Small Observation About Being a Dick

Most of you know I play a tenor guitar, which I like very much, but recently I decided I want to try playing a six-string guitar again, and went looking around for one that I thought I might like. Eventually I found one I thought I would like from a smallish company called Zager Guitars (and yes, for those of you of a certain age, that’s the Zager of Zager and Evans). The company makes acoustic guitars with a slightly lower action, closer to that of an electric guitar. Well, I like that in concept; one of my problems with six string guitars is I’m terrible at barre chords, so a lower action would be helpful. I checked reviews online and the company seemed to have a decent reputation, so I put in an order.

The guitar arrived a couple of days ago and so far I’ve been pleased. It has a nice sound, is indeed easy to play (I still suck at barre chords, alas) and generally speaking is providing me the enjoyment I hoped I would get from it. I’m still a terrible guitar player, but I’m playing terribly on a decent instrument, and that’s a start.

Tangentially, when I first got the guitar, I posted a picture of it on Twitter, and right out of the barrel someone sniffily criticized the guitar maker and said something along the line that I should have gotten a different guitar. Hot tip: Don’t be that sort of clueless dickhead out loud. One, it’s just rude. Two, if your first impulse when someone excitedly shows off their new instrument (or whatever) is to shit on it and them for getting it, the problem isn’t them, or the object in question, it’s you.

Three, even if what they got is something that’s not up to your standards for whatever reason, if they’re happy, than be happy for them, you jerk (there is a qualified exception here if they’re collecting, say, pro-Nazi paraphernalia or Mammy cookie jars or endangered animal hides or the like. If they’re doing it cluelessly, maybe clue them in gently. If they’re doing it with full cluefulness, maybe drop them off the holiday card list).

I should be clear this dude attempting a poop smear on my new guitar didn’t make me feel bad about my purchase. I researched and knew what I was buying and why, and to that regard have been perfectly happy with the guitar. It’s pretty much as I wanted and expected it to be. But it did annoy me that this was some grown-ass person’s first impulse. Be better than that, people. It’s not that hard to do.

New Books and ARCs, 2/9/18

Hey, it’s time for the book stack! These are the new books and ARCs that came into the Scalzi Compound this week. What’s speaking to you here? Tell us all in the comments!