New Books and ARCs, 2/9/18

Hey, it’s time for the book stack! These are the new books and ARCs that came into the Scalzi Compound this week. What’s speaking to you here? Tell us all in the comments!

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  1. Volga Rules! Another entry in an awesome series. Not sure Mr Flint is still actually doing any of the writing any more but still good stuff

  2. i love the title “An Argumentation of Historians”. apparently that is the 9th book in a series. anyone familiar with it? is it worth diving in to?

  3. postlibyan, Jodi Taylor’s Chronicles of St. Mary’s is hysterically funny and clever, in my opinion. (I’ll be buying this one, when it comes out.) It’s also very, very British humor, so whether or not it would appeal to you might depend on that. You should be able to pick up the first book (Just One Damned Thing After Another, I think) fairly inexpensively, to see if it’s to your taste.

  4. I remember Poul Andersen’s Psychotechnic League stories fondly, so i will probably pick that one up, perhaps in e-book form. And Almost surely The Volga Rules.

    Thanks for the comment, @Mary Frances, i may well pick up Just One Damned Thing After Anotherand see how I like it.

    I just finished Elizabeth Moon’s Into the Fire, which was recently included in one of these lists, and enjoyed it. Recommended, esp for anyone fond of her work, but it is the 2nd in a series, and follows tightly on from Cold Welcome, which would be a better starting point. And that is the start of a second series — the overall start of the Vatta series is Trading in Danger, which i can definitely recommend. It has pretty much all Moon’s strengths, in my view.

  5. The Anderson! Have the complete Polesotechnic/VanRijn/Flandry series, assorted others. Use to have almost his entire bib. Recently re-read ‘Orion Shall Rise’ after many years, held up well.

  6. Anderson definitely, just to see if I missed any stories when I was a teen, Travis S. Taylor and Volga Rules

  7. I am jealous! I’ll have to wait until April for Jodi Taylor’s latest.

    (Honestly, though, I don’t recommend reading it before the earlier books in the series though; she writes in very much of a “kitchen sink” style (as in “throw in everything but the…” and there are an awful lot of recurring characters, running jokes, and ongoing situations and relationships that might be hard to decipher if you’re dropped in in the middle. But the series is so much fun it’s definitely worth it.)

  8. I’m not sure I really loved “One Damned thing after Another” but An Argumentation of Historians is such a wonderful title, I might look for it.

  9. As a 1632 fan I have to think 1637: The Volga Rules is the way to go. I haven’t been able to keep up with the storyline since the last 1634 book but I’m getting back into it right now. Just started in on 1635: The Canon Law on Thursday.

  10. I’ve finished Volga Rules. I love your new books and big ideas blogs even though it means I blow past my book buying budget.

  11. I have and have read 1637: The Volga Rules; it’s typically good stuff from this series. I’ve read several of the Jodi Taylor books (on Kindle) and enjoyed them quite a lot, though I have to be in the right mood for reading one. And the Anderson collection I’ll probably also pick up. Other authors are unfamiliar to me, meaning that I probably won’t try them, simply because I know that at 81 I don’t have time to keep up with all the authors I know I’ll enjoy, much less add new ones.

  12. Only Human by Neuvel, which has the added bonus of sharing a title with a song by Kelley Looney on his CD Black Sheep Blues.

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