Cover Reveal of The Consuming Fire Over at Verge

Yes! Go see it! Here’s the link. The artist is Sparth, i.e., the same artist who did such great work with the cover for The Collapsing Empire.

Plus there’s an interview with me there talking a bit about what’s going on in the book. No spoilers on specifics, but there’s a discussion on general themes (and also I have observations about human nature). You know you want to see me rant about people!

17 Comments on “Cover Reveal of The Consuming Fire Over at Verge”

  1. You do get nice cover art

    > what’s going in in the book.
    did you mean “what’s going on in the book” ?

  2. I’ve enjoyed your books for years, but I think that the Collapsing Empire might be my favorite to date, so I’m really looking forward to see what happens next. You could, ya know, tell me if you were so inclined.

  3. A cover reveal and an in-depth interview in February–but the book’s not coming out until October? That’s just mean, John.

  4. A bit of a cliff hanger?!?!?! I am still a fan and I won’t stab you but I might have thrown the book at you if you had been in range when I finished it.

  5. I’ve decided not to read ‘Collapsing Empire’ till ‘Consuming Fire’ is available! It would be nice to see the cover art without the title, it does rather obscure the picture.

  6. Any word on whether or not Wil Wheaton will be doing the audio book version again? I really, really enjoyed his work there and would love to hear him do the next one. Likewise, I don’t know if it’s possible to get Zachary Quinto for ‘Head On’, but he absolutely made that book for me.

    Also, I don’t know how I missed the obvious parallels to climate change. Not that the book is solely a metaphor for that, rather than resistance to change for as long as possible…a trope you rightfully mentioned is as old and repeatable as time. But it’s something I was stunned didn’t even occur to me.

    Side note: I love the ship names in The Collapsing Empire.

  7. I read your blog religiously, but I’ve been kinda tepid on your fiction, so I haven’t read any of your stuff in a while. But Collapsing Empire sounds interesting, so I think I’ll check it out. Anyway, I searched for it on amazon (and found it… ordering the kindle version now), and found this:

    [Link deleted because I’m not interested in giving this thing publicity here — JS]

    I was amused by the similarities in both the author’s name and the book title (and to a certain extent, the synopsis)

  8. Love the new cover art (for the John Scalzi book). It’s kinda, sideways? Almost vertigo-inducing? Makes me want the camera to pull back or widen out.

    Not going to touch that parody/troll book.

  9. I enjoyed The Collapsing Empire and look forward to another in the series

    Not sure why but so far I like the Old Mans War series better
    And I wish I could elaborate on why I feel this way but I can’t
    Its just a nebulous “something” about OMW that appealed to me more

  10. At the intro of the article: “Emperox Grayland II, is forced to prepare for the impending collapse of her empire, but she must fight against factions in her government who believe the collapse is a myth.”

    Geez, I wonder if this was influenced by any current events. ;-)

    This just made me chuckle.

  11. The Collapsing empire is still sitting on one of my two (soon to collapse) unread books shelves. Not because I have grown out of love with your work; it’s simply that ‘So many books, so little time’ conundrum.
    Still, time to order the second book and read the first. Happily, one of the books I’m reading now is close to dying from last page.