View From a Hotel Window, 2/26/18: Hoboken

New York skyline from Hoboken

There are worse views to have, honestly. Sadly nearly all my time will be devoted to work while I’m here, so I probably won’t get into the city itself. But I’ll be back in April for the book tour, and am very much looking forward to that. Also, of course, a very different skyline than the one I was seeing yesterday, in San Diego. This fascinating jet age we live in, I tell you.

Back From JoCo Cruise

A picture of the dancers at the JoCo Cruise 80s Dance, including one Kristine Scalzi

I’m back! Did you miss me? No? Well, fine. Nevertheless I have returned from a week at sea, on the 2018 iteration of the JoCo Cruise. Briefly, it was wonderful, and I had a fabulous time, as always. I would go on about it, and probably will later, but right now I’m actually back at the airport on my way to a sales conference. So details will have to wait.

But I will say one of the highlights of the cruise for me is pictured above: An 80s-themed dance which I DJed and which was a whole lot of fun — people stayed on the dance floor the entire time, which makes me happy. Also, I got to have a slow dance with the hot babe in the dress right there in the front, so that was pretty cool, too. I kinda like her. I hope I get to dance with her again.

I will also say (again briefly and again will probably delve more deeply into this later) that one of the best things about being on the cruise is being away from the whole world for an entire news — no news, no updates, no being upset about whatever damn fool thing is happening on the planet. Running away from the world is not something I encourage on a permanent basis, but for a week? Yeah, it’s pretty great, and I suggest you do it every once in a while as well.

In any event: Hello! How was your week?