Back From JoCo Cruise

A picture of the dancers at the JoCo Cruise 80s Dance, including one Kristine Scalzi

I’m back! Did you miss me? No? Well, fine. Nevertheless I have returned from a week at sea, on the 2018 iteration of the JoCo Cruise. Briefly, it was wonderful, and I had a fabulous time, as always. I would go on about it, and probably will later, but right now I’m actually back at the airport on my way to a sales conference. So details will have to wait.

But I will say one of the highlights of the cruise for me is pictured above: An 80s-themed dance which I DJed and which was a whole lot of fun — people stayed on the dance floor the entire time, which makes me happy. Also, I got to have a slow dance with the hot babe in the dress right there in the front, so that was pretty cool, too. I kinda like her. I hope I get to dance with her again.

I will also say (again briefly and again will probably delve more deeply into this later) that one of the best things about being on the cruise is being away from the whole world for an entire news — no news, no updates, no being upset about whatever damn fool thing is happening on the planet. Running away from the world is not something I encourage on a permanent basis, but for a week? Yeah, it’s pretty great, and I suggest you do it every once in a while as well.

In any event: Hello! How was your week?

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  1. Did we miss you? Well, speaking for myself, yes I did! It’s good to read some new words from you here, and I hope your next adventures go well.

    I’m also glad that you had a fantastic time and got to dance with that pretty young lady. She seems like a good one.

    Welcome back to the internets!

  2. My wife and I always joke there was no good music in the 80’s other than maybe Rush, and you can’t dance to that.

  3. Yes, I did miss you! Reading your funny and delightfully acerbic comments on what’s going on in your life is a wonderful way to start the day. Nothing sweetens coffee like sugar and gossip, as they say. :)

    Glad you had a great time!

  4. Glad you had a good time. DH and I have been tempted by the JoCo cruises for some time, but never quite got our act together to actually go on one.

    Dentist appointment this morning, as well as a shopping run and starting the process of perhaps getting our house refinanced, depending what the mortgage broker says. Also mowed the lawn last night; we had lots of rain the last 3 weeks and if I hadn’t mowed it yesterday, the next step would have been to borrow a goat from someone. As it was, I kept stalling the mower in really lush overgrown stuff.

  5. @Ron Beilke Au contraire! In the numerous cover bands I played in during the 80s, we ofter performed a few Rush songs and those lovely hippie girls dancing right in front of the stage in their flowing muslin dresses and bare feet could move their sensuous bodies to anything. God, I miss those glorious creatures.

  6. Now that you’re back, can we talk about Myle Cole and the Big Idea of his you just posted? I get that you’re busy, and I’m a long time reader with a lot of trust in you. But posting a piece by him *on writing strong female characters* after he has publically admitted to harrasssing women in a professional context—especially since you locked comments—is a tough move for me to swallow.

  7. Welcome back! I spent much of the week watching women play ice hockey, jump into bobsleds, and hurl themselves down an icy track on a small sled in both luge and skeleton. Awesome stuff. Also, tax refunds came in, so bills have been paid, and I’ve bought myself a small treat. (Larger treats must wait until the retirement annuity arrives in April.)

  8. Tired:

    It’s not on topic for this thread, so, no, let’s not talk about it in this thread, please. I’ll likely follow up later this week, when I’m back at home (i.e., not still traveling with limited time to devote to thread moderation).

    (With that said, and relating to Myke’s admission to making women feel unsafe,
    I recommend checking out this post by Janci Patterson,
    who was harassed by Myke, and who has thoughts on his mea culpa and how it relates to her. It appears her comments are open, so that’s probably the better place for comments on that particular topic.)

  9. Sorry, I didn’t mean to derail. I’ll stay out of it. You can delete the comment if that would be better.

  10. I, too, missed your blogging, so welcome back! And I had a lovely week because I have a new granddaughter and I get to spend a lot of time with her. It’s a kind of happiness hard to describe, seeing your daughter holding your granddaughter.

  11. Nice picture. The backlighting of Krissy’s hair gives it an especially nice touch. Too bad about the barefoot photo-bomber who thought it was about her though. 😝

  12. I hope you gave that hot babe your card and number if want another dance. She looks like a gal whose planner might be crowded. Be patient and don’t give up hope. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait a couple weeks, my guess is it’ll be worth the wait.

  13. I am glad you had a wonderful time, and I very much hope that you are bringing new energy and enthusiasm home with you!

    I’d love to try that whole “turn the world off for a week” thing, but it’s unlikely to happen unless I can retire some day. Which is not by any means a sure thing, sadly.

    My week was typical, thanks for asking. Glad it’s done, wish I didn’t have another typical week to look forward to this week, but then, well, see previous paragraph. Probably be doing this for the rest of my life.

  14. That’s a cool thing you did; any chance of a set list?

    The Spouse and I are nudging around the notion of a week away, as it’s been 7 years since we’ve had so much as a weekend from home that wasn’t either a work trip or support for family/friends.

  15. A week away from news and an 80s dance? Heaven.

    I dealt with my asthma for the first time in 2.5 years. Ok now but eek.

  16. Welcome back!

    Could you post your playlist somewhere? Or is that part of your DJing secret sauce?

    I usually need like 6 hours of great party music. I have maybe 3 hours and a bunch of padding.

  17. Thanks for asking! Home with a chest infection after a week of touring seniors’ residences with a senior family member. I have exciting plans to be cat furniture for the next few days.

  18. The cruise sounds like a lot of fun. I love being somewhere you can see the ocean 360. Feels wide open like the steppes.

  19. I also returned from said cruise, and still have tons of work to catch up on and photo’s to process, thanks for your panels and the dance party was awesome. I first heard of JoCo here, and it has been one of the best leaps of faith I have done when I decided to go.

  20. @cnoocy: Yes, as part of the last night’s announcements. Much cheering was had, along with some appropriate sympathy for our Canadian contingent.

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