View From a Hotel Window, 2/26/18: Hoboken

New York skyline from Hoboken

There are worse views to have, honestly. Sadly nearly all my time will be devoted to work while I’m here, so I probably won’t get into the city itself. But I’ll be back in April for the book tour, and am very much looking forward to that. Also, of course, a very different skyline than the one I was seeing yesterday, in San Diego. This fascinating jet age we live in, I tell you.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

19 replies on “View From a Hotel Window, 2/26/18: Hoboken”

I see from the comments Hoboken is in New Jersey. I was expecting it to be near Flatbush.

Here’s a trivia question to stump people, after you first explain that yes, there is a NY, NY, and a Quebec City, Quebec, but there’s no “New Jersey City.”
What city do the New Jersey Devils play for? (Ice Hockey) Where is their rink?

Is that the W, I always recommend it to friends and relatives, as you have a great view and are a ten minute PATH ride away from NYC
Additionally, I love Hoboken, genuinely fun town, I loved living there

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