Head On: Tour Schedule and Signed Pre-Orders via Subterranean Press

The Cover of Head On

Tor has announced my tour schedule on its site, and Subterranean Press has announced that if you order Head On from them, you’ll get it signed by me! Details for both below.

Tour: Here are the tour dates on (say that three times fast). The tour runs from April 17th through the 25th. For those of you too click-averse to click through, the cities on this tour are Ann Arbor, MI; Iowa City, IA; Roseville, MN; St. Louis, MO; New York, NY; and Washington, DC. Also, I will be attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in the middle of this tour, so you can add LA into that tour mix as well.

(Update: Added a date at the Troy-Miami County Public Library in Troy, Ohio on 4/30 at 6:30pm. For those of you in Dayton, Ohio area who want to see me this time around.)

The astute and/or those far too involved with the minutiae of my previous tours will note that this is a shorter tour than the last couple of tours I went out on. This is because a) not every tour needs to be five weeks long, thankfully, and b) I have another book coming out in October and I’m very likely to tour for that one as well, so we have the option (and luxury) of splitting up 2018’s book trek into two shorter jaunts. So if you don’t see your city on this trip, don’t panic; there’s a good chance of seeing me in October.

This time around we’re also hitting some cities I either haven’t been to on tour, or haven’t been to in a while. This is my first time in touring St. Louis, for example, and I haven’t done a tour stop in DC in a decade, which actually seems weird when I think about it.

Please note at least one event on this tour (the Strand in NYC) is a paid ticketed event; if you want to attend that event it makes sense to order your copy of the book there and pick it up when you come to see me (if you order it elsewhere, you have the option of getting a gift card for the store instead when you get the ticket). Check with the other stores to see what their policies are.

If you’re at/near the tour cities and you can’t make it to the event, you can still pre-order the book at the stores who are sponsoring my events, and I will sign and personalize them for you when I’m there and you can come pick up the book at your leisure.

But what if I’m not coming to your town? Well, two things: one, I’m signing tip-in sheets, so some first editions will be signed already. But if you want your book personalized and I’m not making a tour stop near you, here’s option two:

Subterranean Press: If you pre-order Head On via Subterranean Press, I will sign the book and you also have the option to have me personalize it as well (to you or to someone else if it is a gift). I’ll do that just before I set out on tour so you’ll get the book release week. I’ve done this with SubPress a couple times now, and it’s pretty easy way to get a personalized book from me into your hands or the hands of someone you like. Plus it gives me an excuse to see my pals at Subterranean Press, which is always a good thing in my book.

So: If I’m not coming to your town on tour this time, going through Subterranean is the easiest way to get a personalized copy of Head On. So get your order in with them soon!

More Head On news coming tomorrow —


New Books and ARCs, 2/2/18

The books and ARCs keep coming, and this week we have a very fine stack of them. See anything here that sends a thrill to your eyeballs? Let us know in the comments!


Attention: Book Name Change for The Widening Gyre

The Widening Gyre, the second book in the Interdependency series, is getting a name change to:

The Consuming Fire. 

Please note it for your records.

(Also note: The Last Emperox, which was formerly the tentative title of the second book of the Interdependency series, until I changed to The Widening Gyre, now The Consuming Fire, is now tentatively the title of the third book in the Interdependency series. Tentative, people.)

(Also, yes, there will be a third book in the series. It’s now a trilogy.)

Why did we change the title?

1. It’s conceptually a better fit for what I have going on in the book.

2. No one can agree on how to pronounce “gyre,” which I discovered listening to multiple people say the title back to me. It’s the same problem as the “gif” thing which by the way is pronounced with a hard g. Yes, I know the dictionary says “gyre” is pronounced with a “j” sound, but that’s what they say about “gif” as well, and that’s fucking wrong. Anyway, everyone knows how to pronounce “fire.”

Also I’ve seen the artwork for the cover and it’s amazing. I’ll let you know when there will be a cover reveal (we have to change the title on it first).

Also also, The Consuming Fire will be out October 16. Still.

Hmmm, I guess I should write more in that book now.



The Collapsing Empire and Don’t Live For Your Obituary on the Locus Recommended Reading List

Any year in which a work of mine makes it onto the Locus Recommended Reading List is a good one (for me, anyway). This year, I’m happy to say two made it: The Collapsing Empire and Don’t Live For Your Obituary, in the Science Fiction Novel and Non-Fiction categories, respectively. How cool is that? Answer: Pretty cool. Mind you, many many other excellent works are on the list as well this year, and indeed this is a very fine reading list if you’d like to know what made waves in speculative fiction in 2017. Here’s the full list for your perusal. Happy reading!

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