New Books and ARCs, 3/2/18

A new month and a new stack of books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What in this stack do you want to put into your own “to be read” pile? Tell us in the comments.

19 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 3/2/18”

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    Penric’s Fox, please

  2. I read Penric’s Fox shortly after it came out on kindle. I recommend it, although not as a place to start with the Five Gods world. This really needs to be read after The Hallowed Hunt in my view, or at least the Penric stories that are earlier in internal chronology (that would be the first 2 in publication order).

    I loved Penric’s Fox, and hope that there will be more of this series. However, anything by Bujold would be very welcome.

  3. I saw the new Theodora Goss on top, and my eyes went blind to the rest of the stack. Sorry, other writers, whoever you are.

  4. I just picked up Bujold’s Penric’s Mission – and I see she has another out already? Oh, happy day!

  5. :0 Obsidio! I have heard that the cover will be shiny, but that tends to be hit or miss for me (the US edition of Strange The Dreamer was a no for example), do you like it?

  6. Bonnie McDaniel – United States – Writer, blogger, reader. I mainly write about things I read and watch, and occasionally rant about politics. I'm not afraid of arguing--I rather like it, but I also know when to cut my losses. (On the Internet, that point usually comes sooner rather than later.)
    Bonnie McDaniel

    Rebecca Roanhorse’s “Trail of Lightning”! She also wrote one of the best stories published in Apex Magazine last year, “Welcome To Your Authentic Indian Experience.” I’ve pre-ordered this book. Can’t wait.

  7. Already read Penric’s Fox, of course… nice to see another by Benedict Jacka coming along. I’ve still got the Loki on my “to read” pile.

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