Head On Cover Flats

The cover flat for Head On, my next novel

This is a lovely thing to see: The cover flat of Head On, which, when appropriately folded and flapped, will cover the hardcover editions of the book when it comes out in April. It’s very pretty and my name is embossed, which is always a delight. And I continue to very much like the cover design, by Peter Lutjen. Basically, I’m a happy Scalzi right now.

Also I got other good news today but I can’t share it yet. But I will be able to share it tomorrow!

How was your day?

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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The front flap copy includes a needlessly clunky phrase, in fat red letters: “…set in the New York Times bestselling Lock In universe.” I hope whoever wrote that gets another crack at it.

Nice cover! I am really, really looking forward to this, even though the release date (a week and a half before my elder kid’s wedding) is totally unfair because I won’t have time to read it until May, and the signed copy I’ve ordered is going to sit there on my bookshelf taunting me for way too long.

And in answer to your question, my day was a typical day at work. Which is to say that it would have bored any normal human to active nausea. But it gets me one day closer to retirement, so I’ve got that going for me.

Nice, simple, and clean graphics. It’ll stand out nicely on a shelf full of books with typical cover flats. It’s everything they taught us to do right in commercial art school. Oh, and btw, it’s tomorrow, so let’s hear the other good news!

Your name is WAY bigger than the title. It’d probably be interesting to see title vs. author sizes on the first covers of your books from the first one to today.

To be brutally honest, your publishers could wrap the book in old newspaper and I wouldn’t care; I’d still buy it.

I accept, however, that you and your publishers would like to sell it to people who don’t already have you on their guaranteed-buy list, and I’m down with that. After all, it guarantees that I will continue to get my Scalzi-fix and this is A Good Thing…

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