New Books and ARCs, 3/9/18

Look! New books and ARCs! I’d write more but a cat is lying on me and I only have use of one hand! What in this stack looks good to you? Tell us in the comments!

18 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 3/9/18”

  1. Looking forward to The Grey Bastards. Best of 300 SFPBO novels means it must be good.

  2. The Elaine Castillo has an interesting cover- I’d pick that one up for a looksee at least.

  3. The Gray Bastards. I was thinking it might be a civil war book, but no…. I looked up the plot on Amazon. War Pigs?

  4. Aliette de Bodard’s novella _The Tea Master and the Detective_ in its lovely Subterranean Press incarnation. My copy just arrived and is atop my TBR stack.

  5. So glad Grey Bastards is finally being released!! I happened to get it when it was a SPFBO finalist and it’s amazing. Can’t wait for the sequel. Live in the saddle! Die on the hog!

  6. Skimming… ooh, is that Nicola Griffith? What is… I can’t read… damn… [goes to her website] Aha! It is a new novel, “So Lucky”. Yay! Had no idea; thought her next would be a follow up to “Hild”.

  7. I started in on my copy of A Call to Vengeance last night, and already I have been tickled by the use of a future society misremembering the meaning of some piece of contemporary pop culture (which is now in the past for said society). Everything can be profound if you don’t realize it’s a joke.

  8. ” I’d write more but a cat is lying on me and I only have use of one hand! ” <- Sounds familiar. As soon as my wife sits on the couch with her laptop, the cat drapes herself across her hands and the keyboard to nap. Personally, I think cats are frustrated writers, frustrated by lack of digital dexterity. I'd read a book written by a cat.

  9. After doing exactly the same thing as Tim Maddux above – fail completely to decipher title of book by Nicola Griffith, visit author’s website, get really excited about book – I hope a more legible version makes it into print.

    Wasted some time trying to find out what the heck SPFBO/SFPBO is. Self-published fantasy blog-off, for anyone who, like me, was floundering in the dark.

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