A Durham Bull Stares Into Your Soul

I’ve been in Durham, NC the last couple of days, visiting friends and seeing sights, including this here sculpture of a bull, which frankly seems to be judging me. How dare you, sir! It’s been fun but now I’m on my way home again to see Krissy and Athena and the cats. Life is good.


13 Comments on “A Durham Bull Stares Into Your Soul”

  1. I did my doctorate at Duke so knew Durham pretty well once upon a time. Haven’t been back there since 1994, though.

    If you like terrifying animal statues, Google Hodag. I spent my childhood summers up there…

  2. I hope you got some delicious ice cream from The Parlour across the street from the bull.

  3. Dammit Scalzi, you’re 15 minutes from my house and didn’t tell me? I finally see just how much I really mean to you!

  4. “Bull Durham” – the ultimate date night movie ;-)

    A sports movie that anyone can enjoy, even people who equate baseball to lawn-spotting.

  5. That is definitely one unforgiving bull. I’d be happy to get back to my cat too. At least I have a chance at winning a staring contest with her!

  6. Thanks for visiting us. I’ve lived in Durham since 1992, and it’s a city that keeps getting better year after year. Hope to see you again in one of your book tours (hint: please come back to the Triangle!)

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