I Just Realized I Totally Spaced On Posting Today, So Here’s a Cat Picture

I figure this will make up for my absence. I especially like Zeus’s expression.

How was your day?

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  1. My day has been really good, because over the weekend I remembered that listening to novels on Audible is more fun than Podcasts, and I listened to the first 90% of The Collapsing Empire with great delight. I’m looking forward to finishing it in the next day or two, and then listening to the next volume when it comes out in the fall.

    Question: Have your or any critics written about The Collapsing Empire as a response to The Foundation Trilogy? “End” triggered the comparison; including all the emperero rather than just Harri Seldon seemed an important and wise democratic corrective.

  2. Cat photos are always welcome! Zeus looks like he’s thinking, “ay, such a princess, always hogging the spotlight.”

    My Monday was a long one, thanks for asking, with a full day at work followed by an evening meeting that ran way overtime, but that’s just business as usual. At least I resisted the urge to actually smack the idiots I encountered throughout the day, so I count that as a win. Hopefully I can similarly restrain myself today.

  3. “I am not only the god of the sky and of thunder and of the Scalzi compound….but of the photobomb”

  4. yudel:

    People have indeed made connections between The Collapsing Empire and Asimov, although from the author’s point of view the connection is unintentional.

  5. That there kitty looks like a Woodpile Cat. We’ve had a couple of outdoor cats with all that colorful orange dark and light stripy blotchiness you’d think would stand out anywhere. Then they climb up on the woodpile and are suddenly invisible.
    (Also, I think that’s Spice, not Sugar, and I’d like to be corrected if I’m wrong.)

  6. My concussion protocol continues much to my dismay. The guy who rear ended me didn’t have insurance. The good thing is that I’ve been cared for by my cat #SamSam

  7. Your cats are so incredibly beautiful and happy looking. Mine are currently being looked after by my aunt and I miss them terribly, so pictures of yours make me so much happier.

    My hope for this week is that I’ll be able to get my cats back! Also meet my writing deadline, but, yeah. Cats. I miss them.

  8. Nice cat picture! Cats aren’t a-holes, they just know they are superior to all other living creatures, and can’t help showing it sometime.