Hey, I Feel Like Giving Away This ARC of Head On, If You Want It Let Me Know

Picture of the Head On ARC, with Zeus

Yes, you could win this specific ARC of Head On! And I will sign and personalize it for you!

(Cat not included)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment, and leave an actual email address where you receive mail in the part of the comment form where it says “Email” (the email will not be displayed unless you actually put it in the comment field; don’t do that unless you want everyone to see it). The comments will be left open for two days starting the moment this post is published; after the comments automatically close, I will see how many comments there are and then ask one of my voice activated computer assistants to pick a number between one and [whatever number of comments there are]. Whoever has that comment number wins!

Leave only one comment per person, please. Don’t be greedy.

Also, before you ask, yes, this is open to everyone on the planet. I’ll pay for shipping to wherever you are. But if you’re not in the US I can’t guarantee it will get there quickly. I don’t know how your country handles mail, folks. If you’re not on the planet, I’m not sending it to you. I wouldn’t know how. Sorry, astronauts and aliens.

Got it? Okay: Go!

Update 3/22/18: The random number has spoken and the winner is Chocotodd! Who has already been contacted. Thank you, everyone for playing!

1925 Comments on “Hey, I Feel Like Giving Away This ARC of Head On, If You Want It Let Me Know”

  1. I’d love an ARC of one of your books. No worries about the cat–mine doesn’t share her staff well.

  2. An arc of Head On would be great, but a signed and personalized arc of Head On? Even better. Thanks for the offer.

  3. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.

    Mares eat oats, and does eat oats, but little lambs eat ivy.

    So, that’s my comment. :)

  4. Lock In was actually the first of your works that I read, so I’m very excited for this one.

  5. Ooo! Ooo! Me! Me! Over here! *whistles* I want an ARC! THE ANDROID’S DREAM IS UNDERRATED!

  6. I dunno, featuring the cat in the ad and then saying they’re not included in the fine print seems sort of bait and switch to me. :)


  8. Once again, this excludes lunies. Those of us in Luna City, 中國 Luna, and Verne Metroplex recognize the discrimination that earthlings perpetrate on us. That’s ok, we’re closer to the rest of the universe than you are. We don’t live in a giant gravity hole!

  9. Having enjoyed Lock In very much, I am much looking forward to reading Head On

  10. Would love the ARC. Will be picking up a copy at the DC event in April regardless.

  11. I’ve been looking forward to this book for a long time. I’m trying to give myself permission to buy both audio books, because I enjoyed both versions of Lock In.

  12. OH MY! It’s past St. Paddy’s Day, but maybe the luck of the Irish will be on my side…

  13. This could get more comments than some of your more contentious political posts!

  14. I have my Kindle pre-order locked in (hah), but the only print books I have any more are special editions, or signed copies. So… Both! Both is good.

  15. I’ve been a fan since Red Shirts, which I own in paper. I’d love to add to my collection!

  16. Love your work, especially Redshirts!
    I know you said cat not included, but I would gladly take one (or both) of the Scamperbeasts instead! LOL!
    Keep writing and tweeting!

  17. Ooo yeah I’d like that! FYI, my wife an I went on a date recently with another duo of good friends, and one of the things we do is head to a local book store and pick out a book for our counterparts in the other couple. I got them Lock In! They read it! They liked it! We talked about it later!

  18. I just finished reading my first John Scalzi book (The Dispatcher). I thought it was pretty great and I’m ready to try more!

  19. Yes please, I’m really looking forward to reading Head On, very kind of you to include the whole world. Thank you

  20. Given that I’m SUPER excited for this book, I wouldn’t mind an early copy. :)

  21. Your fiction helped get me through the worst period of my life. Thank you. Also, I want a brainpal.

  22. This is perfect, because I am dying to read it and I can provide my own cats

  23. Would love an ARC copy! I could add it to someone special’s Easter basket! We’re not family regardless of the name and I’m not an employee so I think I qualify for a shot! Thanks!

  24. I would love to trade my cat for this ARC. (Wait, that’s not how it works?? :D )

  25. One of my most anticipated books of the year for sure! Gimme, gimme, gimme! Please! <3

  26. Wow, I’m going to be like #90 or 100 at the rate this is going.
    Thank you for making the offer.

  27. I would like this please. It’s okay that the cat isn’t included – my cat likes being an only cat. My copy of Lock In, however, would love the company.

  28. I’m so excited for this book so yes I would love to win a copy! *crosses fingers*

  29. I’ve yet to win a single ARC or book in a giveaway from anyone so why not try yet again while assuming I’ll lose again and anyway I’ll be buying the book when it comes out.

  30. I’ve never been able to get my hands on an ARC before. Would be exceedingly cool to have one from the author who first got me interested in reading sci-fi.

  31. John Scalzi books are incredible. Yes i would like to enter this competition. Thank you very much for running it, and of course thank you very much for writing the book. 😎😎

  32. I sort of wonder how much metadata travels from a given device all the way through to the SaaS thing that gives a random number response, now.

    Like, could a software engineer with the appropriate privileges to push a minor change post a comment, note their comment number, and then set up a scheduled override on Scalzi’s account if they really wanted to?

  33. Keep fooling myself into thinking the release date is sooner than it is, and then I realize I’m wrong. This ARC could change everything!

  34. I’ll be making another exception to my pattern of only reading you on my Nook.

  35. My addiction started when someone gave me OMW as a gift. To get this ARC would be awesome!

  36. Awesome! This will save me from buying it. Wait, did I just ruin my chances? ;^)

  37. Either I win this, or I’m going to finally start buying your books after some 15 years of considering it and mere weeks of reading your twitter. (I hate reading off screens.)

  38. I never win anything, but hey, ever the realistic optimist. Really sadly I have a cat allergy so am unable to live with one so Yay! on that front

  39. I have a cat who would enjoy “Head On” with me. As I recall, he attacked “The Human Division” with glee while I was reading it, chewing on corners and swatting at turned pages.

  40. Beautiful (or handsome) cat. Best wishes to everyone entering the contest. Thank you, John!

  41. Thanks John. I’ll probably buy it even if I win. Always wondered how different an ARC is from the final product.

  42. Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to read this. Will the cat also sign it? (Admittedly, you actually wrote it, but being cats, they probably think they should get some credit.)

  43. The number of comments is rising fast. Who knew your ARCs would be so popular?
    (I knew!)

  44. I would certainly enjoy it if my number were randomly chosen. Also the cat is pretty.

  45. I LOVE your writing. LOVE.IT! I just recently discovered you when I picked up “The Collapsing Empire,” and was instantly captivated. I have been gleefully consuming your books since – better than potato chips (even Mikesells) and fewer calories. And you live rather near my hometown, Dayton, Ohio. I would LOVE your ARC!

  46. Thanks for the contest, John. I read an excerpt a couple of weeks ago and I’m looking forward to getting the book– Sooner is always better. Oh, I have my own cat, thanks anyway!

  47. Your work is how science fiction got into my study, amidst the cats and piles of nonfiction books. There’s always room for more (books – not cats, because seriously, I need access to my keyboard).

  48. Yeesh it takes a while to scroll all the way down here on mobile. And this is a fresh post!

  49. I really enjoyed the first novel in the series and will be reading this one as well.

  50. You’re the author that got me back into reading for fun, and Lock In was one of my favorite books of the past few years. Really looking forward to Head On, whether I win this copy or not.

  51. I’d love to win this, I’ll definitely be reading it when it comes out for sure though

  52. Already have plenty of cats to keep the ARC company in case I win ;)
    Good luck to all!

  53. Great cat but probably for the best it isn’t included – the furry overlords would disapprove. The book however would be most welcome :)

  54. Can I get the ALC with Wil Wheaton? If not, I suppose this would do. But I’m gonna have to pre-order it on Audible. Because as much as I love me some John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton is an Audio GOD.

  55. I’m super excited for this follow-up and would love to get this ARC to match my Lock-In ARC I won at Phoenix Comicon. Lock-In was so creative and inventive I’m excited to see what happens next!

  56. Will Audible be doing the “buy one version of the audiobook, get the other” deal like they did with Lock In?

  57. New stuff from that “Old Man’s War” and “Redshirts” and “Whatever” guy? Well, lemme think … yeah, I’m in. Guess that will be a fun read.

  58. Anything written by you is worth my time to stop and read. Still disappointed the cat isn’t included with the ARC, though.

  59. Yes, I’d like the book.
    No, I don’t need another tuxedo cat.
    And if an astronaut wins the book, I’d be happy to help you figure out how to mail it (to Houston TX or Kennedy Space Center FL 32899). You’ll have to speak with Elon Musk about other spacial deliveries.

  60. I watched A Wrinkle in Time because of your review. Thanks! I enjoyed it, but probably wouldn’t have seen it without your recommendation. (not at a theater anyway).

  61. I have enjoyed all of your books so far…I see no reason to stop anytime soon! Congratulations on all the success!

  62. I’d like the ARC and to deliver tummy rubs to Zeus, but I know he’s quite happy where he is.

  63. You can’t win if you don’t play! Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, let it be me! :)

  64. I’ve already pre-ordered it for my library, but I’d love a copy just for me!

  65. I’d just like to say my awesome wife has already bought me the pre-order of Head-on, but if I happen to get a signed ARC too, well…let’s just say I won’t be upset.

    As they said when we were wee lads…Keep on keepin’ on.

  66. Really enjoyed your reading in San Diego last year, congrats on completion of another awesome book!

  67. I am an alien, but am currently residing on this planet! (The alien bit may or may not be true, but it’s how I explain my fibromyalgia to most people.)

  68. I’m looking very much forward to this book. Lock In is a great book and I can’t wait to reread it in preparation for the followup.

  69. Yes please. Been addicted to your books since I saw you on a panel at a convention

  70. I don’t imagine my odds are especially great, but you don’t win 100% of the games you don’t play so I’m in.

  71. Amazing! Thanks for opening this contest to EVERYONE! But here’s hoping that I get to enjoy that ARC 😁

  72. EEEEE super excited to read this! I loved Lock In and I’m so curious to see what you’ve come up with next:-) Thanks for the chance!

  73. Wow! Even though the cat is not included, I would love to have an arc– can’t wait to read this (even if it isn’t the arc )

  74. as an editor-translator specialized in epidemiology i fell in love with the pre-story to Lock In, loved the novel, and am very much looking forward to the new one.

  75. I would love a copy that has been pre-loved by a cat! It fills both of my desires! :)

  76. Now this is one package I’d be willing to wait for just in the knowledge it was on its way!

  77. Would love a copy–had been hoping to get to your appearance in Houston last year, but life intervened!

  78. Just finished “Lock In” & anxiously awaiting the sequel. Would love to win a signed copy!

  79. My cat reviewed the terms of this drawing and, after assuring himself that your cat was definitely not included, encouraged me to enter.

  80. In the extremely unlikely event the voice activated computer assistant of your choosing picks my lucky number (or rather the number of this post… whatever [Hey that’s… oh I’m doing it again…]), I would have to figure out what to do with my first (because bought and therefore in my hands on release) copy. But I think I can manage that 😁👍

  81. I love your writing . It would be awesome to get a free copy! If not it’s ok, I can get a copy from the library. Cheers.

  82. Can’t resist a book giveaway. Never received the last one I won (on Goodreads, not yours).

  83. I enjoyed the first book. I especially liked the logical extrapolation of the car-rental business.

  84. Well, i’m somewhat late to the party, but i suppose that doesn’t matter in a random drawing ;) Lock In was my kids’ first intro to you (listening to the audiobook on a road trip), they’re both eagerly anticipating the sequel.

  85. “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”
    – Groucho Marx

  86. Well, I’d have an easier time explaining to my mother how an ARC turned up in our house than another cat, so it’s probably for the best that Zeus isn’t included. But I would be thrilled to give that ARC a new home.

  87. I just bought Lock in and will start reading it soon so I can read them back to back. greetings from the Netherlands

  88. I’ve been meaning to read Lock In and this seems like an excuse regardless of the terrible odds. So chalk up another sale to this stunt :)

  89. I’ve been waiting for that book ever since I read Lock In more than 3 years ago. I cannot wait to read it!

  90. About one in 500 chance as of this moment. I’ll wait for the kindle ebook though. Thanks for the offer.

  91. I would ❤️ this!!! So glad you wrote a sequel to Lock In. (Any chance of a sequel to Android’s Dream? #prettyplease) I really hope Wil Wheaton does the audiobook for this one, too.

  92. I love ARCs, and even more so when it’s a book I can’t wait to read! I’ll supply my own cat.

  93. Yay! Book! Glad you’re not mailing the cat, there are probably USPS rules against that. Plus it’ll annoy the cat.

  94. We had book lotteries in grade school whenever the library got new books. Our library cards went into a hat and the lucky winner got to be the first one to check out the book.

    Thank you for the lovely reminder.

  95. OMG! I’m currently re-reading Lock In while waiting for the second book to come out. I would LOVE to get an autographed ARC❣️

  96. One of my 10th graders borrowed Lock In from my classroom library and was super excited when I said the sequel was coming out soon. I’m in Springfield, OH, at Kenton Ridge HS. We’re up the road from you in Bradford. Please? I promise I’ll let my student read it when I’m done reading it first!

  97. I’m here because of the cat. Beautiful kitty. :)

    If you want to give me the book, great, but it’s the cat that matters. :)

  98. Thanks for the Head’s Up on the Head On lottery! (I’m sure you’ve only heard a thousand or two variations on that pun so far…) :-)

  99. I do hope you have managed to shoehorn “cockwomble” in somewhere!

  100. I have it pre-ordered on audio already, but would love a hard copy, too. :D

  101. Well
    Having scrolled down way down I will only say thank you for the lovely thought.
    All best from Montréal

  102. Would love this. Say hi to Jay Vernau for me lol. We went to U of Dayton together.

  103. I’ve just turned sixty and cannot think of a better birthday present than your book; however, I can afford to buy one when it comes out so please give this to a more deserving person.

  104. Glory be to the Emperor and the Imperium of Man. May his righteous fury scour the cosmos clean of the xeno menace.

  105. Well, the odds have got to be a tad better than Megabucks. Thanks for the chance!

  106. Hey, John! Thanks for opening this up to those outside the US – much appreciated! I’d love to get that ARC in the post, so please consider this my entry. :-)

  107. I would very much like this ARC, please! Unlike the rest of the people in these comments, who are obviously Russian trolls. :)

  108. Would love to have this in my collection. Is that a musical instrument case in the upper left corner of photo?

  109. I’ve already ordered multiple copies for the library where I work, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one of my own (even without the cat).

  110. My wife and I are having a baby tomorrow morning and I would love an ARC of Head On!

  111. Don’t count this as an entry, but damn! Over 500 already. That’s a lot of cat-adjacent fans.

  112. I’m fairly certain your cat is rather gratified to be staying with you, but I think the ARC will find a happy home wherever it goes.

  113. And I thought my highlight would be winning The Collapsing Empire at the Worldbuilders lottery..

  114. That’s a lot of competition and a lot of scrolling to the end of page, but I’ll throw my icon in. I can’t wait to read it.

  115. The only time I care about sports: Head On and Space Jam. (Fine, maybe I enjoy the Olympics too)

  116. I’m torn between greed and motherly love, and I think love wins this time, because if I win, I’m going to ask you to sign this to my kid, Danny. The greedy twist is that I’ll still get the pleasure of reading it, so hey, we both win! Heh.

  117. I’ll bite…

    [Mental note: don’t subscribe to this post by email… that way lies madness]

  118. Looking forward to reading this one, and getting this particular copy would be a bonus. If no, oh well, off to the library I go!

  119. Yes please! I’d be bummed about the cat not included, except that my cats might get jealous if a new cat were to arrive.

  120. I can afford to pay for HEAD ON (and have pre-ordered it already). If this entry wins, I’d like to donate it to unemployed Jack if that’s ok..

  121. Super excited for this book! I really enjoyed the the first book. Thanks for the chance!

  122. I’m really looking free forward to The second book! The first one head my head spinning for days

  123. Zeus not included? No deal.

    (But, no, really, a signed ARC would be lovely, thank you.)

  124. I’m in. Either way, I’m likely to buy the audiobook, but a bonus early read would be a happy thing.

  125. Ooohhhh! Will it include a chapbook of burrito recipes? Peanut butter face bookmarks?

    Will a bribe of pie be acceptable?

  126. I enjoyed the reading of the first chapter. Look forward to reading the rest of the book.

  127. Absent any ability to come up with something witty to say, I will simply add my voice: I would certainly like to receive this book.

  128. Both I and my 27-pound-cat cat want it. He will gladly pose with the book if you give it to him. Please give in to him — I’m afraid of what he’ll do to me if he doesn’t get the ARC.

  129. Pretty please with a feline on top? It would be so refreshing to have something good come out of the USA…

  130. Great idea. I just sent the OMW boxed set to my 21 year old nephew in the marines.

  131. I am so looking forward to reading this! I will also buy a copy when it comes out but I would love an opportunity to read it earlier than the release date!

  132. That sounds great, I would love to have this ARC. But even though he’s not included, I’d like to know what the cat thinks about this book. Is it purrr-fect ? Did it leave him feline great ?

  133. Very cool, yes please. Can you get Zeus to sign it as well? Although in typical cat fashion Zeus will most likely ignore this request for a signature. :)

  134. Will there be a follow up giveaway to include the cat? What about the chair? Is it included? If so, will it also be signed?

    While I await a response to these important questions I will also wait for my crisp new ARC.

  135. Oooohhh, pick me?

    In any case, best regards (and appropriate head-scratches) to the cat!

  136. I’ve been a Scalzi fan since OMW. Even more so when I discovered Whatever from the notes in the book.

    I am now almost exclusively an audiobook reader (listener?). Listening to the two productions of Lock In narrated by Wil Wheaton and Amber Benson was profound, in that it enhanced my experience as a listener, offered me two distinct interpretations of the story and deepened my appreciation of the work. Definitely my top Scalzi experience of all (even more than showing off the nice note you wrote in my hardcover of TCE!).

    Imagine my pleasure at learning both Amber and Wil are narrating Head On! Both preordered!

  137. As a fan, a signed copy of Head On would be smashing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  138. Back in 2012 I believe it was, I ordered two copies of Lock In and was ecstatic that you were ablee to find the time to sign and personaliz them for m and a frind of mine.
    Although I did ordr the hardcover already through sub press, I would like to win this one for my friend – personalized (made out to Arthur Vreeke) and signed of course!

    Love your mind,

    Mitchell van Tilburg

  139. I’m looking forward to this one, whether as a signed ARC or a non-signed non-ARC. Either/or!

  140. Oooohhhh. Pick me! Pick me! I’m a really nice person, and I think you are very handsome and I voted for Hillary and I like cats and burritos (Ok, that parts a lie) and I’ve been waiting for the sequel to “Lock IN” FOREVER. (Please?)

  141. Over six hundred comments and this is just day one. I’m not liking my odds. Why did I tell myself my odds? I know better than to ever tell myself the odds.

  142. Hello, can you please personalize it with all the good news that you haven’t shared over the past month or so. Thanks!

  143. Cannot say I’m not sad the cat’s not included, but I get that shipping would be hard and stressful. I’ll settle for a signed book with cat fur included :D Maybe also a cat signature? That’d be cool!

  144. Yes, I’d love to read is. Let’s see how fast it can get to the Netherlands :-)

  145. Recently finished the audiobook of Locked In, so this would be a good time to receive a copy of the sequel. Plus, the hard copy is much easier to autograph. Good luck me! Thanks John!

  146. Ok RN-Geezus, you’ve been more than a little unkind in my online gaming career. I think you owe me one!

  147. Hell yeah, I’d love an ARC of Head On. And its probably just as well the cat isn’t included because my cat wouldn’t be happy about that!

  148. Although she looks adorable, I already have two insane cats—so I’m cool with just the book.

  149. Dear Sir/Madam

    I would be glad to take that ARC off your hands. After all you’ve given the community, it is the least I can do.

    Yours Truly

  150. I’ve been waiting for this book for what seems like forever! Can’t wait to read it!

  151. How about cat hair? Considering the juxtaposition of cat and book, that may be unavoidable.

  152. I enjoyed Locked In, and recommended it to a friend who has worked for years on issues of folks with disabilities.

  153. Oh, man, I want the cat too. But the book is great. :-) Thanks for the fun!

  154. I’m counting down the days until this one! And then I’ll read it too fast and be sad that I finished it too fast.

  155. This would be awesome!! For me to have and enjoy but also for me to make my hubby really jealous of me (hee hee). I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed :-D

  156. Dear John,
    I´d love to feel that book heading right onto my mind.
    (I hope this metaphor detonates in the english language ;-))

    Billion greetz!

  157. Since I was lucky enough to win a copy of Lock In, I shouldn’t be greedy and enter this.

    But a matched set would be sooooo nice….

  158. John Scalzi’s electronic assistant? Please pick me :)

    Thank you :)

    Mr. Scalzi? Thank you for doing this. Your presence on the Internet is greatly appreciated.

  159. I don’t usually enter these kinds of contests, but I would really like to read “Head on”.

  160. This is my first time to your blog. Sure would be neat to win this “door prize.” I assume “ARC” means something like “autographed ?? copy”

  161. Sir Scalzi:
    Please let me win. It’s more important to me than anyone else asking. Trust me. Then again, I am just starting on Old Man’s War, so maybe that’s not fair to others chomping at the bit for your newest offering. Oh well. At least I tried.

  162. Even though the lack of included cat is disappointing, this would be cool. Thanks!

  163. Hi John, My boyfriend have all your books and I would like to make him a surprise gift. I will read it after., of course! Thanks for the offer whatever happen!

  164. That book needs a new home, maybe even mine! Sunny Barcelona waits for it! My other books are so sad without it!😁

  165. Yes, Please! I need more books on my to read pile! (The pile isn’t that bad…I think)

  166. Can’t wait to hopefully win it, wrap it in a tortilla, and call it a burrito! Thanks for being awesome!

  167. I ABSOLUTELY do not need another cat. Most days I think I have too many.
    But I don’t have too many books. And hardly any ARCs.

  168. I enjoyed “Locked In”, and am looking forward to reading this one when it comes out

  169. I’m mostly a lurker, but I would give a happy home to this book. I really enjoyed Lock In.

  170. I’m so glad this isn’t comment number 1 because random number pickers are not actually random — that I know of — but are occasionally literal . . . ergo, number 1 will never be picked.

    That said, I also hope this isn’t the last comment . . .

  171. glad it doesn’t come with a cat, my old cat would probably kill me if I brought another kitty home.

  172. should I be the lucky recipient, I will celebrate my luck by reading this while eating a burrito composed of questionable ingredients.

  173. Loved the first in the series! (And the cat is gorgeous, but should I win please don’t include it in the package as I am unfortunately allergic.)

  174. I’m very sad the cat is not included. Sir Robin the Brave (my cat), however, is grateful. He is annoyed when other cats look at me.

  175. I’m almost done with Lock-In (thank you Kindle Store Sale) and I need to feed my Scalziddiction!

  176. The Sci-Fi book club I joined has read both Old Man’s War and Lock In. My wife who is more of a mystery lover and I liked them both. And Head On is on my can’t wait to read list. So, yes I would love to win a signed copy.

  177. Hello! Thanks for this opportunity to score a copy of Head On. I read Locked In and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  178. Long time fan from germany. This offer made me post a comment. Trank you for your stories…