New Books and ARCs, 3/23/18

This week’s stack of new books and ARCs has some very choice titles in it, I have to say. What here is speaking to you? Tell us all in the comments!

34 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 3/23/18”

  1. The Naomi Novik would be great. I really enjoyed her Temeraire series until the last couple. I felt the central conceit became increasingly cumbersome as she expanded the story further into the world at large. But then she completely switched gears with Uprooted, which I thought was terrific.

  2. angeliquejamail – Writer, artist, and teacher in the Houston area. Author of several books of fiction and poetry, including FINIS., THE SHARP EDGES OF WATER, and HOMECOMING.

    I can’t wait for Naomi Novik’s SPINNING SILVER. I loved UPROOTED! And we’re big Christopher Moore fans in our house, too.

  3. Oh, Naomi Novik’s Spinning silver for sure(she really does have agift for storytelling), but The Last Sun also sounds interesting!

  4. Oh the new Naomi Novik! I really liked the short-story version in The Starlit Wood and I can’t wait to see how she expands it.

  5. I’d like a ticket for the Novik train. Both my wife and I were enthralled by Uprooted.

  6. angelakayknotts – United States – WestEd Research Associate | Math Education | Teacher Education | Professional Learning | Evaluation & Research | STEPpie | San Franciscan | Book Lover

    Ooh, ooh! Anything involving Rachel Cohn!

  7. A new Christopher Moore! I’ve been waiting.

  8. Odd how people get ARCs at different times. I thought I read that ARCs for Noir were sent out in October or November. Or maybe that was uncorrected page proofs. In any case, despite bad financial straits, I will be picking up Noir ASAP. Maybe I’ll go to Amazon and preorder it now with points…

  9. DO WANT the new Naomi Novik.
    I’ve already had a couple of requests for ‘Noir’, despite its being embargoed at the library until actual release date. We will be acquiring it, o yes my precioussss…

  10. I haven’t read any Lilith Saintcrow for some years now so maybe I’ll give Afterwar a spin.

  11. Shooting Through escape rooms – Australia – Felicity Banks is the creator of Shooting Through: the escape room that comes to you. She also writes novels (The Antipodean Queen Australian Steampunk Trilogy, and the Rahana trilogy of kids, starting with "The Monster Apprentice"), interactive fiction, and the "Murder in the Mail" and "Magic in the Mail" art-filled immersive tales.
    Felicity Banks

    Ooh! Ooh! Naomi Novik!! “Uprooted” was incredible. Even better than the Temeraire series, which is saying a LOT.

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