Sunset, 3/25/18

Sunset, with clouds.

A reminder we do live in a beautiful world, although sometimes we need to look up to remember.

17 Comments on “Sunset, 3/25/18”

  1. Always glad to see sunsets, sunrises, snow, and cat pictures. Keep them coming.

  2. One thing to wish for: a “Like” button on your website. I want to express my appreciation for these beautiful photos, but don’t want to bother you with vacuous comments. Anyway… beautimus!

  3. Hey now! Beautiful picture! Yes sometimes in our life we get so caught up and busy that we tend to overlook these simple pleasures. Lets not forget the beauty of life. Aloha everyone.

  4. Last night looked awesome at sunset here in KY as well. I had to stop what I was doing and go outside to watch and take pics of it. Awesome world, we need to take care of it.

  5. Thanks for this reminder, and this beautiful picture. Beauty, to me, is hope. And these days I need all the hope I can get. So, thank you for giving us hope!

  6. Does your neighbor have a farm? That looks like a barn and silo in silhouette.

  7. It IS beautiful. Of course, it will also swell up and engulf everything we know and love, frying us into our component atoms and then melting our planet to molten metal and then ash. But yes, it’s damn beautiful.

  8. Aw, but that’s a few billion years from now. By then, even the primordial micro-life will have evolved into something or other. Mostly other. And any current higher lifeforms will have either headed for the stars or evolved into, well, something entirely other than what they are now. All of which could be very interesting to see.

    So, y’know, if my future atoms get recycled into some weird cyborg monkey thing, well, fine! :D

    Hmm, how come those bonobos get to have so much fun while we humans are slogging through work and traffic and political and religious wackiness? I think maybe those dang hippie bonobos might have had a better idea. (My younger, more uptight self would have been shocked about the bonobos, but maybe it would’ve made him think more, too, and change his mind.)

    All kidding aside — There’s a good Farscape quote for the photo and the sentiment: “Look upward, and see the wonders I have seen.” Also, “You can be more.”

    Aside: I discovered the version of A Wrinkle in Time that I’d watched, on sale cheap from iTunes, some weeks ago, was a TV movie version from a few years ago. So I have pre-ordered the current movie version for comparison, in hopes I like it as much or better. I liked the version I saw, and I really liked John’s review here.

    I binge-watched Stranger Things season 1 over the weekend. Wowsers. I really liked that and will be warching season 2 before 3 comes out soon.

    And — I will be watching the return of Roseanne later this week. I mostly missed it when the show aired way back when, then caught episodes over the years, and my life had changed by then to where I really grew to appreciate some of the humor and snark and serious topics dealt with. When your budget gets to such a low point that you seriously reconsider Roseanne’s claims about ketchup as a vegetable and macaroni as a food group, hah, you begin to appreciate the show more. (I am very glad things got better later, and hope I can keep things going better long enough to stay better permanently.) — So I’m looking forward to the return to see how they do and get a laugh or a thoughtful bit or two.

    Take care, everyone. And just because some part of the world acts all crazy-stupid does not mean that everyone is. It just means some people have more money and power than they do love or common sense.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Right and I keep missing each other, or don’t know it if we’ve passed each other in the da or night. Darn that guy, it sure would be nice to have somebody special.

    Every once in a while, life reminds you that not everything is going to crap. So…enjoy the sunsets and the cats and dogs and the nice people out there, because we need more of those.

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