Reminder: Signed/Personalized Copies of Head On Still Available Through Subterranean Press

But you need to hurry as I am traveling up there in a week to do the signing/personalizing. And also, frankly, there are a limited number and that number is shrinking, so if you want one (or two! or five!) then you should really place an order very soon.

Here’s the link to pre-order. Get to it! Or live in regret! Forever!

(Uhhhh, unless you’ll be at one of the cities on my tour, in which case I’ll sign your book there. But still.)

To The People Who Are Concerned That I’m Blogging a Bit Less Recently

I have a book due soon, that’s why. Expect it to continue to be spottier in terms of frequency until I’m done. Otherwise, don’t panic, everything else is fine, and in fact, pretty darn good. Thanks.