To The People Who Are Concerned That I’m Blogging a Bit Less Recently

I have a book due soon, that’s why. Expect it to continue to be spottier in terms of frequency until I’m done. Otherwise, don’t panic, everything else is fine, and in fact, pretty darn good. Thanks.

24 Comments on “To The People Who Are Concerned That I’m Blogging a Bit Less Recently”

  1. WHUT??? Your life is getting in the way our vicarious pleasures of reading your blog? *gasp!* :)

    Live and be well, John. Best wishes with the deadline, too!

  2. Everything else is fine? What about my tulips? It’s almost April, and they’re not coming up. This is surely of prime concern. Won’t someone think of the tulips?

  3. I’d assumed you’d been avoiding the internet to cut down on head/desk trauma. Have fun with the writing. And also there was a new low in the Trump Presidency* today (safe bet, now you don’t need to read the news)

  4. Good that all’s good, but goodness, you were on another book deadline only (what feels like) a few weeks ago! (Appreciate that was one that had slipped.) It’s quite noticeable when you don’t blog daily as usually you *do*, so nice to have an update and good luck :).

  5. Rick, just put your sweet (tu)lips a little closer to the phone(camera) and share them with us. When they finally do come up, that is.
    And remember, some of us have it so much worse. I hear things are really bad for some people called “merkins” or something similar.

  6. And here we thought you were in endless meetings, playing video games, inventing gawdawful burritos and generally spending too much time being cat furniture. Glad to know you’re still writing! ;-)

  7. Glad to hear things are going well so here’s a bit to (possibly) further brighten your day. I work as in the reference department of a public library, so I’m the one people ask when they want to look for a book. My first patron of the morning was an older gentleman who came in with a copy of The Collapsing Empire and enthusiastically asked for more more books by you. I asked how many he wanted; he said all of them. I found one here and ordered 12 more. I hope he enjoys them all just as much.

  8. Deadlines are either great motivators or medieval dungeon torture devices. Or some combination of both. I have always thought so.

    Story-Writing good. Op/ed and general convo, good but less often. OK, got it. I’m good with that.

    Improbable burrito combinations? I could be good with that too. As long as it’s not fire-breathing chili-head hot/spicy. OK, It needs to be pretty mild for me, despite being Texan. My mom and great-grandmother would’ve said bring it on, for hot/spicy. I did not inherit this. But unlikely yet oddly tasty burritos? I’m in favor.

    Good luck making the deadline, and most of all, have a good time writing the story.

  9. That’s what I figured you might be doing. Since I seem to recall that the current WIP is the next installment of The Collapsing Empire series, I am delighted with your prioritization (not that you need my approval, of course, but still). Looking forward to Head On very soon, and am also looking forward to The Consuming Fire in the autumn. Keep on keeping on, and be well.

  10. I just assumed you were somewhere having fun without us. [long pause] whimper whimper

    Also @ctein said something in a previous post about a lot of us being the smartest person in the room, till we come here and suddenly aren’t. I enjoyed that tremendously!

  11. It kind of feels like you frequently/always have a book due. Which, you know, good for you!

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